1) Choose one work by Banksy from the link and upload a photo of the work to your site. You may look for your own Banksy work:

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 10.12.20 AM


(What does this art remind me of? What are some questions I have about this art?)

This art reminds me of someone who is dreaming of something they can’t do/have. This is because there is a person in the bottom left hand corner with his face down. Then, in the top right area, there’s a girl who is flying up with a balloon. The questions I have is who is the person in the corner. Is there a story behind the person? and, Why does the wall look so big in compairison to the person?


(What do I see? What is the medium? What is the subject matter?)

What I see in this picture is a man sitting in the bottom left corner with his face in his hands and looking sad. Then in the top part of the photo there is a girl floating away with a stack of balloons. I think that the medium or product used is black spray paint with a stencil. This is because the lines are all very concrete, and the parts that are filled in aren’t solid, but still colored in. The subject matter is the person in the corner of this photo.


(What is unique about the work? How does this compare to other Banksy works?)

What I think is unique about this work is that there isn’t an opposite  juxtaposition, but instead shows a relationship between the person in the corner and the girl with the balloons that could show what the man wants to remember or be again. He might have missed the times when he was younger and carefree, but is now weighed down by the heaviness of the world. Banksy’s other works usually show opposite juxtapositions, while this picture shows a different relationship of dreams versus reality.


(When and where was this artwork produced? What is the artist trying to say about society or culture?)

This artwork was painted on a wall on the West Bank in Israel. It was in August of 2005. The artist is trying to express the dreams of a child who wants to fly away from these problems. Bansky also used a female child to shows “innocene and vulnerablity”. It was painted on Palestine’s walls to show the desire for freedom and wanting to float over the walls. Children from both sides of the wall share this same dream. Also, there is significance in how the author used seven balloons because 7 appears prominently in Jewish, Christian, and Muslim scriptures (particularly the apocalyptic texts).


(Do you think that this artwork is successful? Why or why not? What is worth remembering about this artwork? How has your first reaction about this artwork changed?)

I thikn that this artwork is very successful. This is because it accurately represents the dreams that the children on either side have- to be free and away from these struggles. The part that is most worth remembering is the contrast between the person sitting and the girl flying away because they’re so different in terms of where they stand in society, but so similar in having the common dream. My first reaction changed because I originally thought it was all about wanting to return to a young age, but now after reading the artist’s intentions, I realized its about escaping a bad society and gaining freedom.

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