Research on Self-Portrait Artists (Part 2)

3) Provide the details of the work directly under or beside the photo.  Usually, this includes the title, artist, medium, size, and year. 

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 9.52.07 AM

Title: Self Portrait, 1889 
Artist: Vincent Van Gogh
Size: 57.79 × 44.5 cm (22 3/4 × 17 1/2 in.)
Year: 1853 – 1890


4) 1 or 2 Paragraphs for Written Work

Investigate the work:


  • Who made it? (full name)
  • How was it made?
  • When was it made?
  • What are your first impressions about the work?
  • What interpretation can you make just from looking at the work?
  • What is the real background story behind the work? Cite your source.

This self portrait was painted by a famous  Dutch artist, Vincent Van Gogh during the years 1853 to 1890. It was made using oil paint on a canvas. My first impression of this work is that it seems to represent him as an artist. This is because you can see his paint pallete in the corner, which could represent his love of art. I also really liked the texture of the painting. You can clearly see the brush strokes (what he is famous for). My interpretation of the work is that it shows his sadness or depression. This is because of his facial expression because he looks really tense, and you can even see his veins in his right forehead. Also, his eyes look very droopy, and could imply sadness. Lastly, the overall color of the painting is blue, which symbolizes peace and tranquility (which could be what he wants to achieve in life), but also symbolized sadness (which could be what he is experiencing now). The real background story is that he voluntarily admitted himself in May of 1889 to the mental asylum in Saint-Paul-de-Mausole at Saint-Rémy in the south of France. He tried to calm his delusional thoughts through his painting. Overall, I really like this painting because it represents his thoughts and life at the time by showing sadness through color, and his love for painting through the pallete.

Final Reflection (Part 3)

1) Take a photo of your finished painting and upload this to your art portfolio. 

Photo on 24-4-15 at 10.37 AM


2) Write a response to the following in one paragraph:

  • How did you select the photo of yourself. (What made you choose this photo over others?)
  • What is the most important aspect of your final work? Why?
  • How is your work a representation of yourself and your connection to a community?  What personal qualities/traits/messages are you attempting to convey?
  • What part of your work are you most proud of? What part of your work were you most challenged by?

After completing the self portrait project, I wanted to reflect of a few aspects of the experience. One, is the photo I selected. I chose this because it was a picture of me from the Spring Formal at cotillion. This event was pretty special because I have been in cotillion for three years, and it was the last formal. To me, the most important aspect of my work is the photos behind the the main painting. This is because these photos all representing my life, friends, and family, whilst the painting of me just shows me. My work is a representaition of myself and a connection to the community because  I included a lot of photos with my friends and family members. I also have a bunch of photos of the places I have travelled to, or live in. I am trying to convey that I am very family-oriented through all of the photos with my parents and brother. I also wanted to show that travelling is a big part of my life and something that I enjoy through the photos of different places. The values of my painting is both the part I’m most proud of, and the part I was most challenged by. This is because every lesson, I had to work hard to find the exact color I used before. Also, the fact that they didn’t plainly have the color pink was frustrating, because I had to mix red and white every time to get the color. However, in the end I think it worked out pretty well. Overall, I am very pleased with the end outcome of my painting.