Semester 2 Reflection

In the beginning of first semester, I remember feeling very unsure about my literary abilities. I scored very low on the AP Literature MC and my first couple of essays. Especially, for Q1 poetry prompts. I had an immense amount of trouble understanding the meaning of the poems, and remember going to Mrs. Brayko for help. Even then, I couldn’t analyse the poems she asked me to try to understand. After spending a lot of time being exposed to different poems from a variety of authors and TPCASTT’s, I have since gotten the ability to understand most type of poems. I felt confident going into the AP test and this has also translated into my in class writings. Furthermore, I feel like my writing abilities, specifically how to analyse essay passages, have improved immensely. After writing and re-writing many different essays, I now feel confident writing about any topic given.

I’m also proud of my reading skills. I have to admit that in Sophomore year I didn’t really read the books that were assigned. In Junior year I got better at this, but it is especially this year that I read every single book assigned. This is because I had the ability to choose the book that I wanted to read for the given unit. For example, I always wanted to read Shakespeare but was always too daunted to attempt to do so. Mostly because of how pre-20th century texts often confuse me. These books have enabled me to analyse Q2 prompts more accurately as well as the way I tackle my essays.

Overall, I feel like I’ve improved as a writer in every sense. My writing, reading, and analysis skills have gotten so much better. I can see the improvement not only in my rubric scores but how much more confident I feel.

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