Q1 In Class Writing

I have to say that I was really proud when I received the feedback from my essay. Especially since I have always struggled with the poetry passage analysis. This is mainly because I wasn’t able to properly analyse and comprehend the deeper meaning of the poem. In fact, I remember going to Mrs. Brayko for help first semester asking for help. Thus, I’m really happy with the progress I made. This is the highest score I’ve received in this class and I’m glad it’s in the essay prompt that I struggled with the most.


Novel Discussion Post

This assignment was given in order to reinforce/test for any learning targets that were not hit. I decided to use SC 7  and SC10.

In the discussion post, I compared and contrasted the plays “Master Harold and the Boys” and “Death of a Salesman”.


Discussion post:

Master Harold and the Boys by Athol Fugard and Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller are both plays with very different themes. However, they both intensely focus on how their moral values affect the way that they treat family. In Master Harold and the Boys, although the servants, Sam and Willy, are not biologically related to their young Master Hally, but their bond is so strong that it could be comparable to such. This is portrayed by the anecdotes that they recount in their conversations; for instance, when Hally was young, he would prefer to go to the servants barracks rather than play with the other white boys. Sam and Willy are his fatherly figures, especially since Hally’s father is an alcoholic and rarely takes up his parental duties. Their relationship is so strong, in fact, that Sam is willing to defy his young Master by telling him what he believes is wrong and right. Sam attempts to transfer his moral compass to his ‘child’ by telling Hally not to speak badly about his father. Meanwhile, in Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman is very materialistic and only cares about how his sons, Happy and Biff, are doing financially. Biff is the Willy’s foil because he has little to no interest in money and values his freedom and nurturing his interests more. This is seen through his conversations with Happy, where he details how he wants to escape society and build his own ranch. In the end, for both plays, the characters’ moral values is what destroys their relationships. For Master Harold and the Boys, Sam oversteps his boundaries by sticking to his morals and trying to make Hally have the same values as him. This is because in this time in England, blacks were still considered inferior to whites, so this act was considered unspeakable during that time. Hally, already conditioned to his society, explodes in outrage, eventually causing him to say something extremely racist remarks: thus permanently ruining a part of their relationship. In Death of a Salesman, Willy’s monetary values causes an insurmountable drift between him and Biff. Although Biff tries to close that gap, it fails because Willy is not satisfied with effort. He is only satisfied with results, which is becoming rich. Willy’s worldview combined with him hearing and seeing hallucinations of the woman he had an affair with leads to his death. Overall, these two plays have similar topics of morality and family, but wildly contrasting messages behind them. 

Video Supplemental Document

The documents/evidence submitted is meant to explain how we got to our analysis for the short story “You’re Ugly Too.”

Here is the link to our outline of our script as well as the planning process on the last couple of pages:


Refer to my previous post about Dragon Tales for my reflection.


Hamlet Reduced Scene

I collaborated with Josh and Michaela to create our reduced version of Act 1.2. We used modern day slang to make it more understandable. I enjoyed the process of creating the reduced scene with my partners and it helped me understand the scene given very well.

Original Poem #2

During the course of typhoon Mangkhut’s destruction, I wrote this poem depicting my thoughts during this period. I thought this poem was a lot better than my first one, as I strayed from rhyming every sentences. I think this upped the ante because it doesn’t read like a  childish folksong.

Sleep Tight

Mangosteen, a fruit bursting with sweet flesh

Who knew the destruction it could cause?

The wind’s whistling and heavy rain stirred

me to life.

Who knew a day that ruined hundreds of homes

and injured the innocent

was the best night of sleep I had in a while.

Ten hours of peaceful dreaming went from

two days to four.

Before I slept, I felt guilty about the fruit

that wrecked havoc on others,

but my head touched the pillow and my body went still.

Unit 4: Self Portrait

  • How did you select the photo of yourself. (What made you choose this photo over others?)

I decided to chose this photo of myself because in my original photo it didn’t show ears which would have made painting my picture much more difficult. In addition the lighting was better, so you can see where the light hits my face.

  • What is the most important aspect of your final work? Why?

I think the most important aspect of my final work is the highlights of my photo. Without it, my face would not have as much dimension and liveliness. Even though some parts of my painting could have more improvement, I think the highlight/contrast really made a difference.

  • How is your work a representation of yourself and your connection to a community?  What personal qualities/traits/messages are you attempting to convey?

My work is a representation of an individual in community, and a lot of my background photos are with my closest friends and family members.The message I am trying to convey is to everyone is part of a community and have a group of close friends/net that they can rely on. Hurting other people will not only hurt one person, but also affect their close friends. I am trying to convey the theme of friendship and love, because of all the pictures of my friends and family in the background.

  • What part of your work are you most proud of? What part of your work were you most challenged by?

I am most proud of my eyes because it took me several tries to get them to my liking. I was most challenged by painting my teeth and lips. I still think my teeth are a little bit weird and my lips are a bit too, but I tried my best to make it look like it did in the picture.


S.S Prejudice Reflection

Over the past two weeks, our class has learned the meaning of four very important words; identity, stereotypes, racism and prejudice. At first, most of these words seemed very hard to define and make connections to. Prejudice was the only word which I didn’t know. I learned new things about each words ever since the word web on the white boards. For example, identity can mean your nationality, height, religion, age and more. It doesn’t limit you just from where you came from. Because of the presentations we did, I learned that identity and prejudice all come in different forms.

Our race shapes the way we see others. Every race thinks their the best, and when a person thinks they see an inferior country that person insults the people. Most races think their people are superior and others aren’t.

The ideas you have about a race can affect what decisions you make. For example it can affect your views on stereotypes. This can be partaking in the stereotype and talking assuming it applies to everybody from that race.

Tuff Time

Are the Socs and Greasers really that different? Why? Why not?

The socs and greasers aren’t really that different. Even though things don’t go so well for the lower class members, greasers, but as Cherry said on page 35 “Things are rough all over.” Everybody in every social class has different problems, no group will ever be perfect. Even the socs have problems that are not mentioned in the book. In addition, Ponyboy learned from Cherry that socs aren’t that cold and unemotional. Both groups can see the same sunset and appreciate the beauty of it.

Are there any connections you can make to any of the characters and their situation?

A situation I can relate to in this book is how Ponyboy is only close to one of his siblings, and doesn’t really communicate with the eldest one. In my family the person who I talk to 99 percent of the time is Julia. She is also the one who I can turn to in my family like Ponyboy can to Sodapop. We will stick up for each other in certain situations, just like Sodapop does for Ponyboy. My eldest sister Katherine kind of lives in her own world. Her friends always come over to our house, so we don’t speak to each other much. We don’t really get into fights much but when we do the argument is pretty intense. This is really similar to Darry and Ponyboy’s relationship, there isn’t much communication between them.

Why do you think Johnny killed Bob?

I think Johnny killed Bob because he wanted to protect Ponyboy. Johnny has been in this situation before and knows how terrifying it can be, so he wanted to protect his friend from that experience. Another possible reason is revenge, but knowing Johnny and his innocent personality I don’t think he did it out of revenge.

What could have been some alternatives?

I think Johnny could have used the butt of the switchblade or his elbow and hit Bob’s head to knock him out. Assault has much less of a consequence than murder, and I think the other socs would have ran away too. The other option would be for Johnny to run away and find the cops. It’s a bit more safe and he could be teased about it, but having the cops on the soc’s back instead of theirs is a gift in itself.

What do you think Ponyboy and Jonny’s situation prompted Ponyboy’s recitation of  ‘Nothing Good Can Stay?’

I think this poem’s meaning nothing good can stay refers to the night when Ponyboy and Johnny were having a good time picking up Cherry and Marcia. Then something bad happened. The same thing happened when they escaped to the church, nobody caught them and all they did was eat, sleep, talk, read and smoke.  I think this poem is foreshadowing that something bad will happen soon, because nothing good or peaceful will stay. I think its foreshadowing that sooner or later they have to face reality and accept the consequences of murdering Bob.

Who is innocent? Who has experience?

I think Johnny and Ponyboy are innocent because they murdered someone out of self defence. Bob could have killed Ponyboy and end up in the same position that Johnny is in. In addition, both Johnny and Ponyboy have been beat up by Bob and his gang so I feel that Bob sort of deserved it. Dally Winston has more experience than both them in terms of committing crimes. Dally probably has experience with running from the cops, so he can help Johnny and Ponyboy and also give them tips on how to survive.


What are the differences between Cherry the Soc and Cherry the Dreamer?

While Cherry the Soc is in the high-class and luxury members,  she doesn’t really hate greasers.  Unlike Cherry the Dreamer, Cherry the Soc cares about her reputation. For example even though Cherry is friends with Johnny, she told him not to talk to her during school because she didn’t want anybody to think they were friends. While Cherry the Dreamer is more open, doesn’t care about her reputation and hated violence. Cherry the Dreamer is more like a greaser in a sense because in the book greasers tend to be more open to meeting new people who are different. For example, Johnny and Ponyboy were really nice to Maria and Cherry even though they were Socs. Also Cherry the Dreamer doesn’t care about her reputation because she is becoming a spy for the greasers, and there is a chance she might get caught.

Are Ponyboy, Johnny and Darry heros?

I think in that chapter they are heros because they put other people’s lives before theirs. It was extremely selfless, and because they saved all five kids all of them got hurt. Risking their own life is what the famous super heros like super man do, and it determines whether Ponyboy and his friends are heros or not.

How do we know Darry truly cares for Ponyboy?

We know Darry truly cares for Ponyboy because it’s the first time he ever showed extreme emotion. Darry didn’t even cry when his parents died which is a huge deal because he was so close to his dad.  Then when Ponyboy ran away and their family reunited, Darry cried. This is very important evidence that Ponyboy’s running away really took a huge toll on Darry.

Write about what you understood about Cherry’s line “I could fall in love with Dally Winston. I hope I never see him again, or I will.”

I understand that Dally has some characteristics and traits that Cherry is attracted to. Or maybe she is attracted to dangerous people/men. Her ex boyfriend (Bob) was dangerous whom she was once attracted to, and Dally is very similar to Bob in which he’s tough and dangerous. Cherry knew that if she spent more time around Dally she would fall in love with him. She knew that if she ever dated Dally, being a high class person and dating a man who has been to jail several times will be frowned upon.

In realising that Cherry has green eyes what does that signify for Ponyboy and his understanding for people of the world?
At the beginning of the book he said that most green eyed/warm coloured eyed people he’s met have been socs. Then at the end of chapter 8 he mentions Cherry’s green eyes, so this might mean that the general overview or perception of people with green eyes are bad is not true. Especially since Cherry is helping the greasers.

Derriere la Gare Saint-Lazare by Henri Cartier-Bresson

Henri Cartier-Bresson was one of the last century’s best photographer, and ‘Derriere la Gare Saint-Lazare’ was labeled by time the best photo of the century. Even though there were a lot of pictures of ‘puddle jumpers’, people say his photo was unique and different than the others. Cartier-Bresson also captured a lot of street shots.  He developed a method called the decisive moment, also known as street photography. This requires a lot of skill because everything needs to be perfectly in place and captured at the right time. He launched a camera called a range finder, it allowed normal and inexperienced people to take nice pictures. It started the range of digital cameras. He was coincidentally had his camera looking through a gap in the fence and snapped a picture of the man. He had to edit out the left part of the because the space wasn’t big enough for the lens so there was a blurred spot.