Novel Lecture

For my novel lecture I discussed the play “Master Harold and the Boys” by Athol Fugard. My 3 selected themes were racism, dance, and character development. Mrs. Brayko randomly selected dance, and even though it was my weakest topic, I still felt like I did my best. I think I started out a bit nervous in the beginning, but that quickly faded. My classmates said that I sounded confident, so I’m really happy that my delivery ended up well.

Here are the comments from my peers:



My notecard for my lecture looked like this:


R & G Passage and Reflection

For this assignment, my classmates and I chose a scene to act out from the play “Rosencrantz and Gildenstern”.

This was my reflection of the experience:

Acting is something that makes me feel uncomfortable, mostly because of my inexperience. However, this experience was particularly insightful because everyone went all in for their scenes, making me want to do the same. I think I contributed to the ensemble by using my phone to time us to ensure that we weren’t speaking for too long. In addition, I encouraged my group members to speak naturally and with less pauses in between our lines. This is because our scene was quite humorous so making it sound natural and quick added to the comedic effect.

I think I helped add meaning to the scene by making my tone confused, because a large part of Rosencrantz and Gildenstern is how nothing makes sense. They are confusing themselves so I wanted to portray that through my acting.



Dragon Notes Summative

Attached below is the rubric for my AP Literature Dragon Notes video project for the short story You’re Ugly Too by Lorrie Moore. In this project, I collaborated with Michaela McCoy and Lydia Harbor who helped me interpret the piece of literature as well as create the video.

Further reference for the preperation behind this project is in this google document which has our brainstorming picture and final script.

Here are my personal notes while reading the book:

  • Zoe does not seem professional at all
    • i’ve never seen/heard a teacher do what she does
  • interesting use of italicised words to show the comments about her teaching
  • Evan seems to be the foil?
    • complete opposite of zoe
  • very sarcastic and makes uncomfortable comments
  • has a sense of humor that her students don’t understand
  • weird emphasis on Heidi, does she want to be one?
  • interesting choice of men…
    • all of her boyfriends were weird
  • evan trying to set zoe up?
  • why is she joking about her sickness? why is she prioritising her trip over her health?
  • why does she care so much about a single strand of facial hair? reflection of her self image?
  • she and Earl do not seem to have any chemistry at all

And finally, here is the link to the final product: