Novel Lecture

For my novel lecture I discussed the play “Master Harold and the Boys” by Athol Fugard. My 3 selected themes were racism, dance, and character development. Mrs. Brayko randomly selected dance, and even though it was my weakest topic, I still felt like I did my best. I think I started out a bit nervous in the beginning, but that quickly faded. My classmates said that I sounded confident, so I’m really happy that my delivery ended up well.

Here are the comments from my peers:



My notecard for my lecture looked like this:


Short Story Interpretation – Interpreter of Maladies

There is the process paper that I wrote for Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri. In my first paper I used themes as examples to strengthen the writing styles that I discussed. However, after my meeting with Mrs. Brayko I realised that flipping my structure was actually a more effective way of interpreting the story. This was my first attempt at doing so, but I think I accomplished my goal.



Link to my drafts:

Interpretor of Maladies

FINAL Interpretor of Maladies