Video Supplemental Document

The documents/evidence submitted is meant to explain how we got to our analysis for the short story “You’re Ugly Too.”

Here is the link to our outline of our script as well as the planning process on the last couple of pages:

Refer to my previous post about Dragon Tales for my reflection.


Short Story Interpretation – Interpreter of Maladies

There is the process paper that I wrote for Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri. In my first paper I used themes as examples to strengthen the writing styles that I discussed. However, after my meeting with Mrs. Brayko I realised that flipping my structure was actually a more effective way of interpreting the story. This was my first attempt at doing so, but I think I accomplished my goal.



Link to my drafts:

Interpretor of Maladies

FINAL Interpretor of Maladies

Dragon Notes Summative

Attached below is the rubric for my AP Literature Dragon Notes video project for the short story You’re Ugly Too by Lorrie Moore. In this project, I collaborated with Michaela McCoy and Lydia Harbor who helped me interpret the piece of literature as well as create the video.

Further reference for the preperation behind this project is in this google document which has our brainstorming picture and final script.

Here are my personal notes while reading the book:

  • Zoe does not seem professional at all
    • i’ve never seen/heard a teacher do what she does
  • interesting use of italicised words to show the comments about her teaching
  • Evan seems to be the foil?
    • complete opposite of zoe
  • very sarcastic and makes uncomfortable comments
  • has a sense of humor that her students don’t understand
  • weird emphasis on Heidi, does she want to be one?
  • interesting choice of men…
    • all of her boyfriends were weird
  • evan trying to set zoe up?
  • why is she joking about her sickness? why is she prioritising her trip over her health?
  • why does she care so much about a single strand of facial hair? reflection of her self image?
  • she and Earl do not seem to have any chemistry at all

And finally, here is the link to the final product: