U3 AP Q2 Revision

This rewrite was for the in class Q2 writing about a Hamlet passage. In this essay, I focused on refining my analysis of the metaphor about worms. I feel like this essay is a good indicator of how my writing has progressed for Q2 writing.

Link to rewrite: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1h0BW5lZcDopiPmZWEXH4vmh1Bvh21pCjSjQ5L68LVSE/edit


In Class Writing – Hamlet

I was quite happy with the quality of work I produced in my second in class writing. While my writing could be more refined, I was satisfied with the improvement I made from the first in class writing we had (AE to EE). This piece was not graded using any rubric.

Imagist Poem

In this poem, I attempted to emulate the Red Wheelbarrow by William Carlos William, specifically his simplistic writing style that focuses on imagery.

I emphasised the simplicity through enjambement by breaking up the 3 sentences that made up the piece. Additionally, I started a new stanza for almost every sentence, save for the last clause.


Roasted Ethiopian


Brown, velvety, richness

coating my tongue.


A life source

for all students


Running through my



keeping me alive.