Banksy Critique

At first glance, this portrait reminds me of war and how ironic it is that soldiers who are killing their enemies are drawing a peace sign. Some questions popped into my mind after I looked at the artwork. For example, where are these soldiers from? Who are the soldiers enemies? What is the writing on the flag in the background?

I see one soldier painting a peace sign with red paint, and another soldier protecting/guarding the first soldier. The painting is about anti-war because soldiers who were against wars were told to fight. This was introduced during the Vietnam War, as American soldiers were forced to participate in war that they did not even agree in.

I think the irony of this painting makes this unique, because soldiers who are fighting in a battle, in which they are meant to kill their enemies are drawing a peace sign, which contradicts the past actions they have done. Banksy used soldiers in this artwork to send a message about anti-war.

This artwork was produced during the Vietnam War. The year the graffiti was produced is unknown, but the artwork became known in 2007. The artist is trying to say that the individuals are forced to participate in something they do not want to be in. The connections the artist is trying to make is that our society is forcing people to do things that they do not want to do. Also, the peace sign is not completely drawn, which could mean that peace is not going to be achieved through fighting.

I think this artist was successful in portraying his message because it makes people realise that the people who do defend are country or the U.S. is sometimes forced to do it. I think the two soldiers are worth remembering because it will remind people that not all people are willing going to war. I think my initial reaction has changed because I originally thought that the painting was about irony, but it is really about the fact that some soldiers are forced into war.

Self Portrait Final Reflection

I took multiple pictures in different places, to see which one had the biggest range of colors. I did this because it would make the painting more interesting so there was not just two colors in my self portrait. I think the variety of colors and the way I used them is the most important. For example, I put black around the edges of my eyes to really accentuate them so they did not look so flat. I also painted a light grey on my forehead and nose to highlight them. I know my painting doesn’t look like me that much, but I think there are some similarities. For example, I think that my eyes, lips, nose and hair are quite similar, but the shape of my face does not look like mine. I had pictures of my close friends, relatives, and family around me which my connection to the people around me. I think some personal messages I am trying to convey is to appreciate the family you have, and the people around you, as the majority of my pictures are of my family and I. I think I am most proud of my eyes because it was the most challenging feature of the portrait. I spent one or two classes focusing mainly on my eyes, and continually asked Mr. Lee if they still looked inaccurate or flat until I was sated. After I spent a lot of time, my portrait looked dramatically better.

Photo on 22-4-15 at 9.39 AM #2

Research on Self-Portrait Artist

Leonardo Da Vinci made this self portrait. This self portrait was painted in 1512 out of red chalk. I notice even though he is using red chalk, everything is very detailed. I can interpret that Da Vinci was very busy and looked quite philosophical. He has a long beard, wrinkles around his hooded eyes, and deep under eye bags, which means that he didn’t have a lot of sleep. In fact, he was 60 years old when he painted this self portrait, but many historians state that this portrait is not him. Da Vinci has a long beard, and bushy brows which represented philosopher, prophets and God. No one suggests that Da Vinci drew himself as God, but Leonardo does claim that painter contends with nature and is related to God. Many of Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings are related to Christianity, as many of his paintings are commissioned by convents and monasteries.

Self Portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci
Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 2.02.50 PM
Artist: Leonardo Da Vinci
Medium: Red chalk on paper
Size: 33.3 cm x 21.6 cm
Year: 1512

Self Portrait In Progress

Photo on 22-4-15 at 9.39 AM #3

Currently, I am touching up on my portrait (making sure everything looks blended) and mainly focusing on my eyes and mouth. I also need to work on making this portrait more like me because it does not.

PBL Reflection

1) Which strength do you see in yourself? How and why?
I saw perseverance in myself multiple times, as my project failed multiple times. The project that my team kept designing, always did not work. So, I had to constantly persevere and create a new idea, because everything kept going against our favor. In the end, this strength played a big role, because I kept on going even though each trial was always a failure. I think teamwork was also very important, and I definitely saw this in my group. When we encountered a problem, we would get together to solve it. Furthermore, if any materials were needed, we would volunteer to get different ones that we think we could buy.

2) Why is collaboration and teamwork important in problem solving?
Collaboration is important in problem solving because you will not be able to solve a problem without communication. For example, when my group was stuck in a bad situation because we got the wrong materials. Since we worked together and communicated, we made decisions to overcome the problem. In the end, we decided to scratch the idea, because without the right materials, the project would not work. Teamwork is important because each team member has their own opinion and way to solve a problem, and when add these ideas together, you get something pretty creative.

3) Which video do you like the most and why?
I liked this video the most because I felt that it included an idea that I feel strongly about, which is sharing roles and leadership. I think sometimes some people take control of everything, making sure that everyone has a certain job, which can be advantageous, but sometimes it gets overbearing and you do not have freedom.

Action Photos Reflection

ction squecne

The rule of triangles is the main compositional rule applied to this photo, as the head acts as the top of the triangle, and my feet acts as the edges. For this photograph, the story that I wanted to show was overcoming fears. The boulder on the bottom left side is the fear. When Christina jumps off, she overcomes her fear. The first element that is important stability, because you have to be in a stable position for you took take a series of photos, otherwise the editing portion (opacity + erasing) will be really difficult, and the final result will look funky. The second important element is arrangement of objects, as each action is perfectly placed to effectively bring out my story. The final element is proportion, as every single action is taken at the right moment.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 5.40.41 PM

Space is the main compositional rule applied to this photo. The rule of horizontal lines is also used as the wood board acts as the line. The mood that I am trying to show is reminiscence. My partner Christina is looking down at the floor, which looks like she is remembering past memories. The first important element is space, because the space really makes Christina look like she is thinking about the past. The second important element is arrangement of objects, as Christina is placed on the far right side so there is a lot of space from the my subject to the rest of the frame. The final important element is lines as it gives the picture more structure and also the line goes down, which could symbolise from present to the past.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 6.40.09 PM

The main compositional rule is the rule of thirds, as my partner Christina is placed on the middle column, so she is the main focus point. The message that I was trying to show is you can do anything you want to achieve. Christina had one arm up in the arm, which looks like she either is cheering because of victory or cheering someone on. The first element that is important is arrangement of objects, because Christina is specifically in the center of the frame so the message is clear, and you can definitely see her arm raised. The second important element is light and shadow, because only the silhoutte of my subject is visible. The final element is proportion because my subject is proportioned to the middle of the column.

Portrait Photos Reflection

Christina the ugly one

Rule of thirds is the main compositional rule in this photo. Christina is sitting on the middle column, so she is the main focus of the photograph. The mood I am trying to convey is bright and vibrant. I accomplished this by taking the portrait with a light wash of color on Christina’s face, to just add a lot of brightness. The vibrant plants in the background also add to the reoccurring mood. The first most important element is lighting. Everything in this photo is really light and barely any shadow, so the mood of brightness really shines through. The second most important element is proportion of frame. Everything is perfectly balanced between Christina and the plants so both compliment each other nicely. Lastly, the background is extremely important, as the plants really add vibrancy to the photograph. I feel if you replaced the plants with a mundane wall or something, the mood would be completely altered, so the plants is a really nice addition.

Christina the ugly one 2

Space is the main composition rule that I applied in this photograph. I think the space left behind Christina really adds to the mood that I am trying to show, which is serenity and calmness. I accomplished this by having the jungle in the background because it is a beautiful forest green which makes the photograph look fresh and sort of calming. The first most important element is background because the jungle really adds texture to the picture, in the sense there are bigger trees than others, so the jungle from a far looks interesting. The second most important element is person’s expression. Christina’s face is pretty relaxed, so the viewer also feels that too. I think that whatever the person’s expression is, really affects the overall mood/feeling the viewer has when they see this. Since Christina’s expression seems pretty relaxed and calm, the general feeling the viewers have is also this. The last element that is important is lighting. Similar to the photo above, the picture is quite bright, as the foreground and background have the light is shining on them. I think the light plays a big role in this photo, because if there was barely any light, it would make the photo look really gloomy, but since there is a lot of light exposed, the photo looks light, clean and fresh.

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 11.42.14 PM

The rule of thirds is the main compositional rule applied to this photo. The mood conveyed in this photo is more gloomy and darker. I accomplished this by placing Christina in a certain direction so that when I took the photo, not a lot of light was exposed to the lens, thus the lighting is darker, so that the overall mood is sad and gloomy. The first element that is important to this photograph is lighting. Lighting is a key role in this photo. The lighting is considerably dark, so the general feel is sad, gloomy or depressing. The second important element is person’s expression. I think that the smile that Christina had seemed a little forced, so it sort of adds to the mood that I am trying to convey, which is gloomy and sad. The forced smile could be hiding her sad emotions on the inside. The third element that is important is background. If you can see,there is a small bush at the left bottom side of Christina. Since the background is sort of blurred out, the bush seems like there is not many leaves on there, which adds to the dark mood that I am trying to bring across.

Abstract Photos Reflection

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 1.33.26 PM

This abstract picture goes under the rule of pattern and repetition, because of the almost symmetric veins on the leaves, give it a really nice pattern. For me, this picture sort of conveys individuality and being yourself. As you can see in the picture, there is a smaller leaf covered/hiding by a bigger one. The bigger leaf represents the facade many people put up, and the smaller leaf is our real personality that is never really shown. I feel like in school and many other places, people put up an artificial personality so they can be more liked, popular and noticed. Similarly to the picture, when you look at the photograph, you first look at the bigger leaf. I decided to put a black and white filter through this photo . I think the three most important elements of abstract photos is having good arrangement of objects, because I arranged the leaves in a way so that my message was effectively conveyed. For example, if I took a picture of those two leaves next to each other with equal space, you wouldn’t understand or visualise the message I am trying to show. The second element that is important for this photograph is foreground vs background. The foreground in this photo is the bigger leaf, and the background is the smaller leaf. As I have aforementioned, the foreground is what people most likely see, and never really pay attention to the background, so this helps create the general story. The final element that is important to this photograph is light and shadow. I think shadow actually plays a big role in this photograph because the bigger leaf has a lot of light, giving an appearance of happiness, and hiding behind is a dark, gloomy one. Although we might put up a happy face, for some of us, we are actually feeling down and really unconfident.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 8.27.59 PM

Lines are one of the main composition rules in this photo. The leaves are overlapping each other and each leaf looks like a line, so the overall picture looks pretty cool. For this photo, the message that I am trying to convey is interracial community/school. The leaves are all connected to each other, whether they are touching or not. The problem in our world is that people judge each other because of their appearance. For example, in 1960’s many people fought for their rights because they had a certain skin complexion. But, we are all the same in so many different ways. For example, some of us may have the same passions, almost all of us have the same facial features such as eyes, mouthes, teeth, and many more. It is also scientifically proven that 99% of our DNA are identical, but that 1% makes us truly who we are. It is the small details. Similarly to this photo, all the leaves look almost the same, there isn’t much difference between, but actually different is the small details we do not notice. For example, the water droplets on the leaves are on different places, they are not perfectly placed. The midrib of the leaf is also not always perfectly in the middle of the leaf, it is sometimes of centre, which makes each one unique. I think the first important element is arrangement of objects. Each leaf has a role in the photo, and if the position changed, I do not believe it would be as effective as it is. For example, if leaf that is running across the entire photo is moved to the very left, it would not look like they are connected at all, which destroys the very purpose of my message. The second most important element is proportion. The leaves are all not proportioned, which is purposely done because my message is talking about same but different because of details. This can also relate to people who have different sizes. They are still human, meaning they literally have the same features as us, except they are unique. Similarly to the leaves, they seem to be the same, in terms of the same type of leaf, but each leaf has a different size. The final element that is important is perspective. In order for you to understand my abstract picture, you have to gain perspective by looking at the photo with different angles. I mean, if you only think of this photo as a bunch of leaves, you will never understand what I think this photo means to me.

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 9.37.36 PM

Depth is the main composition for this photo. The story that I was trying to convey through this photo is branching out and be independent. The leaves are spread it out in a way that makes them separate from the other leaves. I feel that so many people are dependent on others, so sometimes it is good to just independent. The first most important element in this photograph is lines. I think that the lines really make my story effective. As you can see, the leaves sort of spread outwards, so the stems and the edges of the leaves really bring out that shape. The second most important element is the use of triangles. This element really adds to the photo as triangles are supposed to mean stability and solidity, and that is basically what everyone should have. The last element that is important is arrangement of objects because each leaf is perfectly placed so that the story conveyed is easy to tell.