Banksy Critique


This art reminds me of when I was very young and living in Singapore. Whenever we wanted to play soccer we couldn’t because of this sign. And sometimes it was really frustrating. I do not have that many questions about this artwork as it fairly self explanatory. This art is all irony, because since they can’t play ball games instead they are using the actual sign.  The subject matter in this artwork is the sign that the children are playing with.  Banski is trying to talk about how ironic this is and that this is not a  serious issue but the fact that it’s there is very annoying and kids should be able to play. I think that this artwork is successful and that the most important thing is how good it looks. It shows how everything is really bland and the sign is standing out, therefore it’s the most important part of the painting.

Self Portrait Final Reflection

Photo on 13-5-15 at 10.33 AMI selected the photo of myself because I thought that it was the best photo that was the best for a self portrait. The most important aspect of the final work is the painting itself and the colour I chose. I chose this specific colour because it’s my favourite colour and it’s the colour of my favourite soccer team called Chelsea. Then for the background I chose the colour yellow because it contrasts blue. This a representation of me because the photos outside show my friends and family, who are some of the people closest to me. In my opinion the toughest part of this project was drawing the nose and the teeth. The reason I found those parts tough is because they require lots of details.

Rembrandt Self Portait

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 9.31.30 AMThe Artist is called Rembrandt and title of this painting is called Self-Portrait. This was painted in 1660.

It was painted by Rembrandt, and it’s an Altman portrait painted in 1660. He was 54 years old at the time of this painting. This was a depressed year for him as he has recently been declared bankrupt. Besides that he was his collection of art pieces thrown away at an auction, he was deserted by all of his friends and he had lost his studio. In this portrait you can see one of his best pieces of art. My first impression of this painting is that it was very well done with a dark background that could symbolise how dark he was recently feeling during this time of depression.,_Altman)