Sept. 4, 2014:

Using our journals, we brainstormed short stories about ourselves. Some stories were about gross and uncomfortable stories and some were stupid or dumb things that we did. We shared the stories to our partners and they gave us a helpful tip to make the story better like adding more detail or telling us describe the scene more. We also learned about different types of hooks and conclusion that were effective in giving the reader more interest in the story such as humor, suspense, reflective, and irony. For our stories, we used planners to plan our story so we know the lesson, some sensory details we can use, the events in the story, and characters. We had also used these planners to help plan the story of the short stories “I Confess” and “The Follower” so we had experience with them already.



Writing Formative Assessment:

Writing Formative Embarrasing Story Final Draft

Personal Narrative Summative:

Personal Narrative Summative


Nov. 13

Essay Jigsaws:

Legalize It

Stay Home Moms


December 9, 2014

Persuasive Essay Summative:

Nuclear Weapons Summative Essay


March 4, 2015

Summaries of The Giver and House of Scorpion: Summaries (Theme)


April 30, 2015

The Outsiders Writing Piece

The Outsiders Stickies

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