Sarah Sze Research Post

She uses improvisation and spontaneity by starting from scratch then building up from the single piece of string or what she starts with. She first gets and idea of what the sculpture first looks like like a restaurant or something then when it is near completion she completely changes the idea that she first has. And she changes the ideas each time she almost finishes a current one so there is spontaneity and improvisation to create her art works.


360 Portable Planetarium, September9-October 23, 2010, Photo courtesy of Tom Powe,l Photo from:

Similar to Sarah Sze’s artwork we also started from scratch without a plan, then we started getting ideas which we kept changing so we don’t know what are artwork is.

My reaction to Sarah’s work was “Wow.” because in the video it shows her starting from a piece of string stretched across a room then when it is completed it looks like a store that is as big as the art classroom. And I would call this art because this piece can be described differently by people and abstract art like this gives people different perspectives.

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