Government Unit (Post-Reflection)

During the Government Unit I think I did a good job of understanding the topics in each chapter such as the Bill of Rights and the three branches of government. The only problem I had was on Chapter 8 with the Compromises and the treaties of the north western lands. Next time, I would really like to take more notes and more often because the only chapter I didn’t take notes on was Chapter 8 which was the worst one for me. The best strategy I think was the taking of notes strategy because this helped me review the whole chapter for a test and with highlighting the important notes this made the job easier. What didn’t work was not taking down notes and just reading the chapter over and over because I would leave out minor details when reading that, in turn could have given me a better score. For the next test I would take down notes and revise it by highlighting the important parts and my questions so I could answer them myself.

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