Prejudice Reflection

During the in-class presentations I learnt that prejudice, racism, stereotypes, and identity are all connected. And identity is what determines the prejudice that is done to you. Because your race or physical appearance is what is used against you.

Comparing the word and presentation, in the word web I saw almost no connection between the words but after the presentation I know have an understanding of how all 4 words connect to each other. And during the word web I did not know what prejudice meant but now I am able to understand what the word prejudice means.

1. Race shapes the way we see others and ourselves by the acts of one person of that certain race. And that person shapes the way we or others see of that race, such as if a white person is seen eating a lot we might assume that all white people are fat (not true).

2. Our ideas of a certain race may affect how we act against whether it be from fear or stereotypes. In the Dyer worksheet we see that Dyer’s ideas to the colored community affect the way he treated them. Such as making racist jokes, or yelling insults to the colored community in his car.

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