3 thoughts on “Dare to Dream Project

  1. Isabella T says:

    I think you have a lot of good details, and why you want to do this sort of Dare to Dream Project. I like how you want the animals you’re taking care of to feel comfortable, and not feel caged up, and how you want them to have fun with toys.

    • Isabella T says:

      Why do you want it on the water front (in front of the sea)? If you have people come to play around, do you also want it to be a café? Like while the dogs are playing with other dogs, the owners could have something to eat and/or drink. If it’s like this, it would be like the Barking Lot Café in Stanley.

  2. Nicholas W says:

    I really like how you have been articulate, and have highlighted all of the details in your dream. I also like how you have chosen a location that seems quite pleasant, and have done research to find the exact cost. Perhaps you could have included a picture to help with visualisation?

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