Board Game Redesign Challenge Reflection (Urf)

For this challenge, we had to create our own board game with our own ideas but with the same aspects that we like to have in other board games. Our group decided to create a strategy game with the goal of world domination. We created our own map and different land masses and create different kinds of card and countries so that people may choose different ways to try and conquer other different countries. Our feedback was mainly about the rules and how it was unclear for those who did not know how to play it. I agree with this feedback because we were not able to create rules that were clear enough for the average new player to read and understand. We decided to have 8 different countries but had 9 different country cards for an extra country. We also decided to create different cards for ways that people can upgrade their countries conquer other countries such as the “Nuke” card or the “Anarchy” card. For our board, we had created 2 different boards or prototypes and ended up with this board which we drew ourselves.

IMG_1255 IMG_1246 IMG_1247 (1) IMG_1251

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