Quarter 4 Intro to Game Design Reflection

1. The project I am most proud about during this course was definitely the Final GameSalad Game and the infographic about Narrative Games. I really worked hard on both and I really liked my end products for both of these. I really liked talking about different Narrative Games in my infographic which one of my favorite categories of games. I also spent a lot of time on my Game Salad and I enjoyed creating it.

2. My biggest challenge was during the Board Game Design Challenge. I don’t usually play any other board games besides Pictionary and Monopoly. So creating a new board game with the style of risk and creativity was really hard for my group to think of.

3. My goal for next year is to create an even better game from scratch. So instead of building of my game I could create new levels and characters with new boss battles and even better way to implement health.

4. Based on my grades, I would give myself an A-. Because I think I have been consistently understanding the ways in which games are created as well as responding to feedback when it is given. I have also consistently been getting Exceedings for my formatives as well as my reflection after each Game Design Challenge. (GameSalad has been submitted too.)

5. I think I would receive Meeting Expectations on Respect and Responsibility, Self-Motivated learning, and Collaboration. I believe that I have been respectful to my peers and surrounding as well as being responsible for my own learning my working on my time for my Game Design Challenge and others, and working with others efficiently.

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