Card Game Re-Design Challenge Reflection

For the Card Game Re-Design Challenge we created a game that involves making pairs, triplets, and quadruplets until the deck ends.

A thing that went well for the Re-Design was coming up with idea and rules that we wanted. We put together our ideas and made boundaries that were reasonable as well as fair to the player.

If I was to change something it would be making the rules a little but more simpler and more detailed. We could also put more detail into the “Stealing” aspect into our game and say how many cards/tries they are allowed to see in total.

I agree with most of the feedback saying that we need to make the rules more detailed and concise to make the player understand it better. I think we could have improved on making the game more clearer to ourselves to make it easier for others to understand it better.

Infographic Reflection

Personal Reflection

I think that I did well on my research and presentation. But I think that I could have done better on presenting my infographic because I had a couple of moments during my presentation where I did not know what to say. I also think that I could have done a better job of structuring my infographic by trying to tie in all of the parts of it instead of separating each of the questions for a section on the infographic.


Feedback Reflection

I agree with my peers’ feedback in saying that I could have worked better on the design aspect of my text. I could have chosen the color of my text and background for them to complement each other better for example having a lighter color text with a darker background. I also could have worked on making my text more concise and short so the audience can see the overall presentation better without having to read a lot of text.