Quarter 4 Intro to Game Design Reflection

1. The project I am most proud about during this course was definitely the Final GameSalad Game and the infographic about Narrative Games. I really worked hard on both and I really liked my end products for both of these. I really liked talking about different Narrative Games in my infographic which one of my favorite categories of games. I also spent a lot of time on my Game Salad and I enjoyed creating it.

2. My biggest challenge was during the Board Game Design Challenge. I don’t usually play any other board games besides Pictionary and Monopoly. So creating a new board game with the style of risk and creativity was really hard for my group to think of.

3. My goal for next year is to create an even better game from scratch. So instead of building of my game I could create new levels and characters with new boss battles and even better way to implement health.

4. Based on my grades, I would give myself an A-. Because I think I have been consistently understanding the ways in which games are created as well as responding to feedback when it is given. I have also consistently been getting Exceedings for my formatives as well as my reflection after each Game Design Challenge. (GameSalad has been submitted too.)

5. I think I would receive Meeting Expectations on Respect and Responsibility, Self-Motivated learning, and Collaboration. I believe that I have been respectful to my peers and surrounding as well as being responsible for my own learning my working on my time for my Game Design Challenge and others, and working with others efficiently.

Game Salad Game Design Challenge

For my GameSalad game I created a 2D platformer shooter with different levels and a boss battle leading to the end. I found some sprites that I wanted to use for my game such as the main enemy for my game and the main character. I had help creating my game from my peers (Jack and Ali) and the tutorials found on the GameSalad site and Youtube which helped my create shooting bullets, movements, and jumping to make my game more interesting. The main feedback I had received was for the textures and music of the game. Saying that I should add music for each scene thus creating a better vibe and making the blocks for floor more interesting by creating or adding new textures. Which I will definitely do during my final game design challenge.

Board Game Redesign Challenge Reflection (Urf)

For this challenge, we had to create our own board game with our own ideas but with the same aspects that we like to have in other board games. Our group decided to create a strategy game with the goal of world domination. We created our own map and different land masses and create different kinds of card and countries so that people may choose different ways to try and conquer other different countries. Our feedback was mainly about the rules and how it was unclear for those who did not know how to play it. I agree with this feedback because we were not able to create rules that were clear enough for the average new player to read and understand. We decided to have 8 different countries but had 9 different country cards for an extra country. We also decided to create different cards for ways that people can upgrade their countries conquer other countries such as the “Nuke” card or the “Anarchy” card. For our board, we had created 2 different boards or prototypes and ended up with this board which we drew ourselves.

IMG_1255 IMG_1246 IMG_1247 (1) IMG_1251

Government Unit (Post-Reflection)

During the Government Unit I think I did a good job of understanding the topics in each chapter such as the Bill of Rights and the three branches of government. The only problem I had was on Chapter 8 with the Compromises and the treaties of the north western lands. Next time, I would really like to take more notes and more often because the only chapter I didn’t take notes on was Chapter 8 which was the worst one for me. The best strategy I think was the taking of notes strategy because this helped me review the whole chapter for a test and with highlighting the important notes this made the job easier. What didn’t work was not taking down notes and just reading the chapter over and over because I would leave out minor details when reading that, in turn could have given me a better score. For the next test I would take down notes and revise it by highlighting the important parts and my questions so I could answer them myself.

Image from TCI                                                                   Video from Youtube “School House Rock: The Preamble”

Check and Balances-TCI      

Science PBL Questions

1. For our PBL Project my group is planning to build a mechanism that can automatically turn off a light switch without pressing a switch.

2.We have decided to build this because to me this is a regular problem that happens to me and some of my group mates. We wanted to make a machine or mechanism that can turn off a switch without actually pressing the button. Energy transfers could be: Kinetic, Mechanical, back to Kinetic.

3.We would need a motion sensor, a motor, generator, a battery pack, and a piece of wood or cardboard.

Set of Questions 2:

1. Who is in your group and what has been your role in the group in terms of taking initiative to successfully select and complete your group’s project?

My group consisted of Jonah, Krish, and I. My role was managing Jonah and Krish to keep doing their jobs and stop going of task although I also discovered and taught my self the mechanics of creating a circuit for the lights and motors.

2. How do you feel about how you have learned new knowledge in doing this project?

I feel happy about learning how to set up my own set of lights and motors using batteries and buttons.

3. How has your group overcome problems or difficulties in accomplishing your task?
Our group has had problems such as the motion sensor not working and we have overcome this by always having backup plans such as the idea of using the door to press the switch for the lights.