Thoughts about Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

Date: May 22, 2015

1. I think that I share the perspective of Peter. Because I do believe that Jesus was the Messiah. But I have failed him by not doing his teachings in my own life, either because I am to busy or I just forget them. But I believe that even though I have failed him, I can still be able to follow and believe in Jesus as the Messiah.

2. I think that the meaning of his death was so that he could cleanse the world and mankind of all its sins and wrong doings. I believe it was a message from God saying that he still loves us and will never leave our side. And this is strengthened by sending Jesus, his only son, to die and suffer for us. Meaning he will give anything for us and he still loves us with all that he is. I think that the resurrection was to say that even if he is gone from this ear physically, he is still with us in our hearts spiritually. He will never leave us because he loves us. I think that this event is an important one that pushed a lot of people to believe him and by doing that strengthened that connection between God and mankind.