Unit 1 Sketchbook 14-15


Photo on 4-9-14 at 8.22 AM

I created the sketchbook by using hard paper like cardboard that was colored pale for the front. The bind was covered with tape which help the book together. I then, put 9 holes in the sketchbook by using nails then hammering then down to make a hole for the string. I then weaved the string using the “2 front back 1” technique for the bind. It took around 2 or 3 lessons to make the sketchbook. The benefit for creating my own sketchbook is that  I can create and design it all I want and because it is mine I will take care of it. And because it is mine I can decide what it will be used for. I would design my own cover and I can add more pages if I want to and can even make another one if I want to.