Unit 2: Shadow Box Final Reflection

Photo on 30-10-14 at 10.29 AM Photo on 30-10-14 at 10.32 AM

This is my shadow box, the story I created was about a dragon who lives inside of a lamp post. He is nocturnal so during the morning or day he sleeps and during the night he wakes up and lights up the lamp post. And when the sun goes back up he sleeps and the cycle begins again and again. 2 differences between my shadow box and Hari and Deepti’s is that his character do not have any holes in them, mine on the other hide is covered in them. Another difference is that their art uses all of the box mine only uses the sides and bottom. A similarity is that we both use silhouette for our characters. Another similarity is that we both use different layers for our backgrounds, foregrounds, and middle. An area for improvement is that I need to work on time management and thinking about how to make my ideas work. Because I did not know how to make my silhouette.

Unit 2: Shadow Box (In-process)

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In my design process, I am in the process of putting and cutting out my main character and deciding if I want to make it a silhouette or not. I also need to put a hole though my box to put the light inside it. I feel good about my progress in the time we have left to finish this project I feel I can finish it in that time. Some challenges are making the scores in the background because I have one score that is connected to a tiny piece of paper that can break easily. Also the moon was a challenge on how I should do it because I wasn’t sure to put a piece of paper in the back with just a moon on it. A success is that the backgrounds that I made were easy to make and look good and have the design I have in my head.