Cardboard Sculpture Post

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At first we wanted to start making a house. We started planning it out from a single piece for the base, we then started making connections on them and connecting pieces randomly. It then started to shape like a plane so we made wings then it started to seem like a rhino and it kept changing and changing. Working without glue or tape was a very hard task because the sculpture would keep falling and breaking. To me it was a hindrance and a challenge because the task became a lot harder because we had to take in to play the weight and height of our sculpture and because we didn’t know what we were going to make it became a very hard task. So when we could use glue it became a lot easier. An aspect that my group worked well with was with sharing our ideas because we never rejected any ideas that we had and kept building on them. What we could work on is our teamwork because at some point my group mates started arguing about what the sculpture was and hoe we should do it.

Sarah Sze Research Post

She uses improvisation and spontaneity by starting from scratch then building up from the single piece of string or what she starts with. She first gets and idea of what the sculpture first looks like like a restaurant or something then when it is near completion she completely changes the idea that she first has. And she changes the ideas each time she almost finishes a current one so there is spontaneity and improvisation to create her art works.


360 Portable Planetarium, September9-October 23, 2010, Photo courtesy of Tom Powe,l Photo from:

Similar to Sarah Sze’s artwork we also started from scratch without a plan, then we started getting ideas which we kept changing so we don’t know what are artwork is.

My reaction to Sarah’s work was “Wow.” because in the video it shows her starting from a piece of string stretched across a room then when it is completed it looks like a store that is as big as the art classroom. And I would call this art because this piece can be described differently by people and abstract art like this gives people different perspectives.

Representational, Abstract, and Non-representational Definitions

Representational- This word is used to describe a work of art that is easily recognised. For example, if you sketch a drawing of a street people will know its a street.

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Abstract- This word is used to describe art that uses pictures or shapes or colors for the subject. And they do not represent anything in the natural world.

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Non-representational- It is a synonym of abstract art. These artworks do not represent anything in the natural world. Instead they use shapes and colors as subjects.

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