Unit 4: Pottery Final Pot Reflection

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Originally I was basing my pot on the Greek pot named Kantharos which is almost like what I made. It helped me think of what to do and when I first saw it it was the pot that was also in my head. In the Greek diagram the handles are supposed to hang over the lip but I made it equal and the neck is supposed to be a lot thinner than what I made. The main body of the cup was also originally supposed to go straight up but instead I made it a curve/bowl shape.  I think pottery is a relevant form of art because it helps me create my own design like what I changed in the pot. And this is important because it helps me make decisions that are important liking the handles and the neck that supports the body. I think my pot is an interpretation because originally I did not want to create a point exactly the same as the diagram rather I wanted to add my own style to it. But the main idea is still the same. To make it different I would fix the handle and work more on it because I only had a brief time to work on the handles and there are cracks on it that makes the handles almost unusable.


Unit 4: Ceramic Lantern Reflection

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We first got a slab and used a third of the slab as the base. We made the base by using making the third of the slab to a ball then flattening it into a flat circle. We used a container for paint as a size comparison. So the base was a little bit bigger than the container base. For the walls we used the remaining two thirds of the slab and used a roller to flatten it and make it longer. And we then rolled it using the roller then flipping every time we rolled and straightened the edges to prevent it from turning into a round edge. We then wrapped the slab onto the paint container and scratch and slipped it together with the base and covered the entire container. We closed the edge by using scratch and slip as well. The container had paper around it to prevent the clay from sticking to the clay. The most important aspect of this lantern was using the paint container as the size comparison so it had the right size of walls and base. And without the container it would be a lot harder because we would have to estimate the sizes of the base and walls and if they didn’t match we would have to start over.