Current Events (HK Protests)


From the 3 news articles I have read they mostly all have the same facts such as Hong Kong Protesters want to have their own choice in choosing who they want to elect. They want Beijing to give them democracy or the freedom for them to choose who they want to elect. I have also read that the fourth night, Wednesday, was when the protesters started to break. It was when the protesters started to shrink or give up, knowing that these protests would do nothing. Also the use of teargas of the police on the students was not expected by the students, they say that it was uncalled for and Craig Choy a spokesperson of Hong Kong Civil Liberties Union says it should not have been used.






My opinion is that I agree with some of the protesters that protesting against Beijing will most likely result to nothing, especially with Beijing and the police force not softening their advances. I do think it is good that the youth of Hong Kong are trying to fight what they believe and want such as Joshua Wong, a student who lead the Scholarism. I am still unsure what side I am on because the protests are disrupting some of the peace in Hong Kong especially those who want no part of this, I want the peace to stay throughout the Hong Kong. Even though I am not yet old enough to understand fully what is happening or to participate I want my own choice when I grow up to pick who I want to lead me.


Why do people want to be on Beijing’s side? Do they want to be controlled or do they want to have only one perspective to which country or government is the best? I want to learn about what is in the mind of the people who are in the pro-Beijing side because I don’t understand why they want to be on the Communist side rather that the Democracy side. And even with the protesters knowing that most likely nothing will happen how are they still able to stand their ground and protests?

Hong Kong Protests

Image from: Kirdy, Euan. “The End of Trust? Hong Kong Sees Police Force in a New Light.” CNN. Cable News Network, 07 Oct. 2014. Web. 07 Oct. 2014.