Unit 1 (Reflection)

During this unit I learned about the Geography of Native America and their culture. And how the geography affected the culture and how the Native Americans lived where they were. In the survey/form for Unit 1 I used the dance and both the most fun part and most frustrating part of this unit. I put this here because I think that the dance was a chance for us to make what we read into something physical and that was fun. But having only a limited time frame to do make it is frustrating. I got a Gold Iroquois League Badge, I think this is appropriate because I did have some AE’s in the tests especially in the multiple choice ones. And for the Work Habits I think it is also appropriate because I only had one missing assignment this unit and I got a green slip for having after-school help. A strategy that didn’t work in this unit was doing the dolls activity because I didn’t really learn anything from it and I wasn’t able to fully understand why we did it. A strategy that did work was using the large note sheet that we took notes on to help us study. For a goal I want to go to after school help at least twice to help with the assessment studying and even homework.



Native American (Cherokee) Songs:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0lXvgLPy2w -Morning Song

Image: From TCI