In class, we have been busy brainstorming different stories (e.g. embarrassing, awkward, funny stories) to write personal narratives. We then use our journals to mark them down. We also have been learning how to create and use good hooks and conclusions.

First we would pick a story and use a “Personal Narrative Planner” to plan what we are going to write about and describe where we are going to “explode” it (when you add a ton of detail). After we’re done planning, we take our journals and handwrite a first draft.


“I’m Secretly a Pirate” Writing Formative

“I’m Secretly a Pirate” Writing Formative Rubric


“Finding Heather” Writing Summative


Sophia’s Persuasive Essay Jigsaw “Legalise It”

My Persuasive Essay Jigsaw “Argument Paper”


Gender Inequality Summative Persuasive Essay


Summaries of “The Giver” and “The Adoration of Jenna Fox”


The Outsiders Essay

The Outsiders Essay Rubric and Plan (Ignore the second page)

The Outsiders Sticky Notes


Macbeth Visual Representation Assignment

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