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“Master Harold and the Boys”, by Athol Fugard

Sam: “What’s strange about it?”

Hally: “Little white boy in short trousers and a black man old enough to be his father flying a kite. It’s not every day you see that.”

One of the most prevalent themes in this place is the topic of race. The play puts apartheid in plain sight, which makes it such an interesting piece. This quote reflects the oddity of interracial friendships during the time period and location in which the play is based. It implies that it was extremely rare to see a Caucasian and African-American together doing something that is recreational. Throughout the play, it is clear that Hally and Sam have a deep bond, but due to the status differences between their ethnicities, it is overshadowed. This quote can be seen as the characters being some of the few people to start breaking boundaries and putting themselves out there.

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