AP Lit – U5 Style Paper

My work: Here

Targets: ATL: R and R – ME; SC9 – ME; SC6 –  DE; SC15 – ME; ATL: SML – ME

Feedback: “You’ve focused your writing narrow enough and include some good analysis. It is ironic that you chose stylistic features that are visible in the writing but not evident to a viewing audience of this play. How might your paper have struggled with that disparity? No works cited page. References to realism may warrant citation, as well.”

My comments: My score for SC6 was completely unexpected because I did not think I had to submit it to the formative dropbox considering that assignment was for peer-editing and it did not specify that it would be given any instructor feedback (if any was going to be given). I showed my partner my essay and worked off of that feedback that was on the same document.