Social Studies Unit 1 Reflection

1. Summarize your learning – refer to your KTW chart

I have learnt a lot during this unit, including how Native Americans survived, how they adapted to their environment and took advantage, and that each tribe has their own special “thing”. Although I did not have the time of my life, it was quite interesting learning about the previously mentioned things. I have definitely know more about Native Americans than I ever did before, considering I knew nothing before this unit…


2. Share and explain at least one of your answers from the survey you did on Unit 1

One of the responses I submitted on the survey was that what I thought was the most fun part of the unit. My response was that I thought the most fun/interesting part was the dance, which is where we “dance” out how particular tribes thought the Earth was created.


3. What level of badge did Pierce award you? How does this accurately describe your achievement level

Mr. Pierce awarded me with a Wolf Clan Badge. This describes my achievement level because both Mr. Pierce and I know that I can improve academically. Although I didn’t get the best grades, I did accomplish something strongly.


4. Identify one learning strategy that DIDN’T work last unit, and one that did

A strategy that didn’t work out for me was studying and memorising the TCI textbook chapters, because it was not too interesting. A strategy that did work was finding a key point for each tribe to remember them.


5. Set a specific learning goal for Unit 2: Challenges of a Growing Population

For the next unit, I will do my best to find visual learning activities to help me understand things thouroughly. I want to receive a better grade than I did on the previous unit. If I have any questions or misunderstandings, I will ask others and my teacher to explain it.