AP Lit – (F) R & G passage and reflection

My reflection: Though it was brief, the experience was enjoyable. Hollis and I bounced off of each other’s ideas and it
was a fun collaborative time. When we were acting, I tried to show Rosencrantz’s personality such as
through quick speaking and silly movements.

Targets: CCSS SL.6 – EE; ATL: COLL – EE; SC1.1 – EE; SC1.2 – EE


AP Lit – Dragon Notes Video

Video link: (will ask teammates to send it)

Rubric: SC1.1: ME, SC 1.2: ME; SC4 – Observation of details: EE; SC4 – Interpreting values: ME; CCSS.ELA-Literacy.SL.11-12.4: ME; CCSS.ELA-Literacy.SL.11-12.5: ME; ATL:SML: ME; ATL:COLL: EE; ATL:RR: EE

Comments: Heather, thank you for the clear self-assessment responses. The pdf you uploaded is helpful. You reference other notes, I think, could you give me those or a live link to the google doc? I’m especially interested in seeing evidence of the close reading and insights related to the s/c/historical values. (Done) To the group: The scope of your video actually goes quite wide: into the summary, writing style, point of view, etc. in addition to the cultural/historical/social values around drinking. I would have liked those portions to be developed more for the audience. How do Carver’s choices about his character’s avoidance for example reflect on a greater social value? How does living in a drinking culture come to play?