AP Lit – U3: AP Q2 Revision

My work: Here

Targets: SC2 – ME; SC5 – ME; SC8 – AE; SC14 – ME/AE; SC15 – ME

Feedback: “Heather, I can see you are making great effort to step up your professional tone and language. You are achieving that. What is lost, though, is clarity. I believe if you allow yourself to be a bit more forthright – say it like it is – you will have greater success with clarity for your reader. Disconnect between evidence and analysis and thesis still lingers. Future focus: strong thesis. See doc for notes.”

AP Lit – U4 Q1 in-class essay

My work: Pages 3-4 of this doc


SC2 – AE; SC12 – EE

Comments: “4 of 9 on the 9 point scale. ‘Blind’s Man’s Mark’ is a challenging poem. Keep in mind there is another opportunity to write on Question 1 in quarter 4. Written feedback is available on the hard document.” / “This is a challenging poem. You gave what you got: that desire was somehow undesirable to the speaker. However little analysis is given.”


AP Lit – U3: 10-min drill

My work: Page 2 of https://docs.google.com/document/d/18I-d3JS3O02SUzqudbnnezcKvLZawI97tGC2z9enM3k/edit?usp=sharing

Rubric: Understand: ME; Interpret: ME; Text complexity: ME

Comments: “The final part of your thesis is especially strong “as he competes in the mushing world championship”. Here you are precise and accurate regarding what is being dramatized. What you’ve marked to explore that is less discerning.”



My TPCASTT: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18I-d3JS3O02SUzqudbnnezcKvLZawI97tGC2z9enM3k/edit?usp=sharing   (Page 1)

Focus targets: SC2, SC7


Close reading
to write an interpretation of a piece of literature that is based on a careful observation of textual details, considering such elements as the use of figurative language, imagery, symbolism and tone (SC2)
Writing to Understand
Informal/exploratory writing activities that enable students to discover what they think in the process of writing about their reading (SC7)

Feedback: “What you have here is good. But it shortchanges the TPCASTT  structure – key elements are missing and therefore your understanding of the poem is pretty superficial at this point (as seen on the paper, anyhow). Future focus: Fully engage with TPCASTT to see where it takes you.”

Reflection: N/A

AP Lit – Great Poets Project

My presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/14NHkrxJmGGJ9yMTopo1EgMGl213t1TVtGR-mSRUyiIs/edit?usp=sharing

Focus targets: SC2, SC3, SC11, SC9,


Criteria Rating Pts
ATL: Respect/Responsibility
ATL: Self-motivated learning
ATL: Collaboration

Feedback: “Engaged audience. Organized lesson. Further comments may be available in hard copy.

Reflection: N/A