U5 Style Paper Draft 1

My work: Here

Targets: SC9, SC6, SC15

Reflection: I did not know it was required to submit this first draft to Schoology because it was meant for peer-editing, so I did not think it was necessary to submit it if it was getting reviewed in person.

AP Lit – U5 Style Paper

My work: Here

Targets: ATL: R and R – ME; SC9 – ME; SC6 –  DE; SC15 – ME; ATL: SML – ME

Feedback: “You’ve focused your writing narrow enough and include some good analysis. It is ironic that you chose stylistic features that are visible in the writing but not evident to a viewing audience of this play. How might your paper have struggled with that disparity? No works cited page. References to realism may warrant citation, as well.”

My comments: My score for SC6 was completely unexpected because I did not think I had to submit it to the formative dropbox considering that assignment was for peer-editing and it did not specify that it would be given any instructor feedback (if any was going to be given). I showed my partner my essay and worked off of that feedback that was on the same document.


AP Lit – Short story interpretation

My work: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1waoF85mPxy2iYhggzCa46sTz8avviAQCAjQtWVKfJtg/edit?usp=sharing

Rubric: SC3: AE; SC6: AE; SC13: AE

Comments: Heather, There is presently a misalignment between the thrust of the prompt and the message you are exploring. While symbolism and allusions can be key elements of style, you should also be sure that your analysis is showing how they are tools for the reader to understand the “effects of idealization” and “sense of adventure”. Nov. 26 deadline for any further draft. Perhaps a consult first would be good.