U5 Style Paper Draft 1

My work: Here

Targets: SC9, SC6, SC15

Reflection: I did not know it was required to submit this first draft to Schoology because it was meant for peer-editing, so I did not think it was necessary to submit it if it was getting reviewed in person.

AP Lit – U5 Style Paper

My work: Here

Targets: ATL: R and R – ME; SC9 – ME; SC6 –  DE; SC15 – ME; ATL: SML – ME

Feedback: “You’ve focused your writing narrow enough and include some good analysis. It is ironic that you chose stylistic features that are visible in the writing but not evident to a viewing audience of this play. How might your paper have struggled with that disparity? No works cited page. References to realism may warrant citation, as well.”

My comments: My score for SC6 was completely unexpected because I did not think I had to submit it to the formative dropbox considering that assignment was for peer-editing and it did not specify that it would be given any instructor feedback (if any was going to be given). I showed my partner my essay and worked off of that feedback that was on the same document.


AP Lit – Great Poet Reflection

My reflection: I strongly believe the work of Wisława Szymborska is of high quality because regardless of how intricate her poetical structures may be, it speaks the truth, which is what I feel makes literature powerful. In many of her works, she cleverly uses tools such as imagery, anaphora, metaphorical language, and so many more to convey her message. For example, in “Love at First Sight”, she describes the destiny of two people as something that “…pushed them close, drove them apart,/it barred their path,/stifling a laugh,/and then leaped aside.” This type of personification is evident in her work which is what makes the poems seem so much more lifelike. In “Possibilities”, most nearly every line begins with “I prefer”, creating a smooth and seamless flow to the poem while also emphasising her point. I believe the artistry is beautiful because of its elaborate simplicity because I could go on about how Szymborska uses language to speak on much deeper levels, but that would take me a while. Her poems truly speak to all types of reader in ways that take a highly skilled writer to pull off, which is probably what got her the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Focus targets: SC9, SC12


I can write an analytical piece in which I draw upon textual details to make and explain judgments about an author’s artistry and quality. (SC9)
Sentence variety
I can use a variety of sentence structures, including appropriate use of subordinate and coordinate constructions. (SC12)


Feedback: N/A

Reflection: N/A

AP Lit – Great Poets Project

My presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/14NHkrxJmGGJ9yMTopo1EgMGl213t1TVtGR-mSRUyiIs/edit?usp=sharing

Focus targets: SC2, SC3, SC11, SC9,


Criteria Rating Pts
ATL: Respect/Responsibility
ATL: Self-motivated learning
ATL: Collaboration

Feedback: “Engaged audience. Organized lesson. Further comments may be available in hard copy.

Reflection: N/A