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U2: Short Story Video

This assignment was interesting and fun as I got to collaborate with a group to read a short story, interpret it and then create a film. We were assigned Sonny’s Blues written by James Baldwin that follows the story of a broken boy, Sonny, trying to revive his life, told through the eyes of his brother.  The group worked well together as we met multiple times to not only discuss, but to write out our script. I feel that it is an excellent example of how I consider the social, historical and cultural examples when reading the writing. In this case, it was crucial to understanding the Harlem Renaissance and any oppression against African-Americans as it played heavily into how hard it was for Sonny to rehabilitate himself. I think next time I would improve on thoroughly going through the piece and thinking about new ways to interpret the text.

U2: Short Story Interpretation

I decided to include this summative because it is the writing piece I am most proud of. Not only because of the grade, but because I actively decided to take feedback and rewrite for a better draft. I think this shows my sharpened writing skills and growth mindset towards AP Lit. The short story that I chose to analyze was A Rose for Emily written by William Faulkner. It is a thrilling and eerie story that follows the life of a monumental woman, Emily. In the story there is a symbol of Emily’s house and I analyzed the text in a way that the symbol was a representation of Emily’s mental decay, as well as her community around her. I feel proud of the end result and feel that this is a good indicator of how far my writing has come.

A Rose for Emily (Click here to read the essay!)

U1: Original Poem

The one piece of writing I wanted to included was my original poem. This was a good assignment for me as I was able to sharpen my poetry writing skills and reflect on my high-school experience thus far.  I decided to write about high-school in terms of phases of the moon and how each year represents a different phase. Some of the literary techniques I harnessed were repeition, extended metaphor and rhyming.

After completeing my poem, I think uploaded it to a medium where other students could view it and comment.

Phases of the Moon, High-School (click here to view poem)