U5: Question 2 In Class Writing

In class, writing is a great way to practice for the AP exam as well as develop skills to analyze and think about literature in a meaningful way. This particular exam focused on a short excerpt from Moon Tiger written by Penelope Lively I developed my writing into five different paragraphs. The first included an introduction of the piece as well as my thesis statement which was, “through the point of view, diction and … the author reveals the complex relationships within the family.” I think went on to write three supporting paragraphs that included the three literary devices I would be tackling. I received a 9/9 which is the highest I’ve scored this year and a good point to see what my writing has grown into. I am no able to carry my thesis throughout the entire essay as well as utilize stronger diction from the reading we’ve done in class this year. Refer to the pictures below to get a glimpse of how I am writing!

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