U5: Question 3 In Class Writing

This in-class writing is a good example of my growth in AP Lit. I think that in-class writings help me improve my timed reading analytical skills as well as preparing me for the May AP test. In this writing, the class was tasked with writing about about “a novel or play in which a central figure’s name gives access to that character’s ambiguity or complexity.” I was stumped on this question for a while as none of the listed novels or plays resonated with me, so I wrote about Harry Potter, in particular, the fifth book in the series. This was a risky move as the Harry Potter is not deemed with “literary merit”, however, I stuck with it an executed the writing to achieve a 7/9. I wrote about Lucifer, one of the main antagonist’s father figures, and discussed how this has devil like connotation as in the Bible they refer to the devil as Lucifer. I think continued to discuss how Lucifer is a symbol of hope even though he has devil like characteristics. Overall, I was confident with my piece and thought it was well written. Mrs. Brayko’s comments were helpful as next time I need to be more prepared with a question three by thinking through the novels listed.

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