U5: Style Paper

In short, this assignment focused on the novel we were reading in class and analyzing it to write a style paper. To be honest, this assignment was particularly challenging from the lack of guidance and ambiguity of what students should writing about. Nevertheless, I perservered and ended up with a piece of writing that I felt fairly confident about. I chose to write about Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen, as it had many compelling stylistic features as well as an intriguing love story. The three main points I made were Austen harnessed imagery, point of view and diction to dramatize the character development throughout the novel. I chose chapter forty-three as it had a lot of descriptive language and focused on a major character change in Elizabeth Bennett (the main character). It also included a shift in the tone of friendship between Elizabeth and Darcy who had somewhat despised each other at the beginning of the book. Overall, I performed well on this piece, however, one thing I could have improved on is turning in a first draft which would have allowed feedback to shape my paper more effectively. This assignment also taught me to ask questions when I am confused about what direction to take when analyzing a classic novel, such as Pride and Prejudice.

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