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U3: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern – Performance and Reflection

During this unit, we were focusing on William Shakespeare’s plays such as Hamlet and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. In this particular assignment, the goal was to perform a scene from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and then reflect on what we had done well. I’ve included this in my portfolio because I think it plays to my strengths which is public speaking. We didn’t get that many opportunities to practice throughout the year besides this assignment, novel lecture, and great poet’s project. My partner was Riana and we decided to perform a scene (page 42) that had a lot of energy to engage the audience. Some of drama/public speaking techniques we took into consideration was body language/positioning to open up and draw the audience to our dialogue. We also harnessed a lot of different tones of voice as speaking in a monotone voice would not be that interesting! Overall, I think this was a successful assignment as I got to grow in my public speaking.

Example of the scene below:

ROS: Heads. (He picks it up and puts it in his money bag. The process is repeated.) Heads. (Again.)

ROS: Heads. (Again.) Heads. (Again.) Heads.

GUIL (flipping a coin): There is an art to the building up of suspense.

ROS: Heads.

GUIL (flipping another): Though it can be done by luck alone. ROS: Heads. GUIL: If that’s the word I’m after.

U4: Novel Lecture

I love to do public speaking so this project really allowed me to grow in this area. For my lecture, I read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathon Foer. It is a fascinating book that tells the story of a nine-year-old boy, Oscar Schell, and his journey to find a lock. Parallel to Oscar’s journey is also his grandma and grandpa’s that is told through letters they write to each other. It is a heartwrenching read as it explores themes such as love, mortality, and defiance – would definitely recommend! In this project, students were made to create/think of three different lectures they would potentially want to give. I choose to focus on Oscar’s character development, literary devices, and how Oscar copes with his father’s death. On the day of the lecture, I felt that I could give all three confidently. I ended up sharing with my peers ‘Oscar’s Character Development’ which I illustrated through a clear three-phase process: pre-key, during key and post key. I did this because I wanted my peers to understand the chronological development of the main character Oscar.  One thing that really helped my delivery was practicing on photobooth so I could hear myself speaking and reflect on what I needed to improve on. Overall, I think this project was incredibly helpful for understanding the book and also growing in my public speaking skills



U2: Short Story Video

This assignment was interesting and fun as I got to collaborate with a group to read a short story, interpret it and then create a film. We were assigned Sonny’s Blues written by James Baldwin that follows the story of a broken boy, Sonny, trying to revive his life, told through the eyes of his brother.  The group worked well together as we met multiple times to not only discuss, but to write out our script. I feel that it is an excellent example of how I consider the social, historical and cultural examples when reading the writing. In this case, it was crucial to understanding the Harlem Renaissance and any oppression against African-Americans as it played heavily into how hard it was for Sonny to rehabilitate himself. I think next time I would improve on thoroughly going through the piece and thinking about new ways to interpret the text.