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U4: Novel Lecture

I love to do public speaking so this project really allowed me to grow in this area. For my lecture, I read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathon Foer. It is a fascinating book that tells the story of a nine-year-old boy, Oscar Schell, and his journey to find a lock. Parallel to Oscar’s journey is also his grandma and grandpa’s that is told through letters they write to each other. It is a heartwrenching read as it explores themes such as love, mortality, and defiance – would definitely recommend! In this project, students were made to create/think of three different lectures they would potentially want to give. I choose to focus on Oscar’s character development, literary devices, and how Oscar copes with his father’s death. On the day of the lecture, I felt that I could give all three confidently. I ended up sharing with my peers ‘Oscar’s Character Development’ which I illustrated through a clear three-phase process: pre-key, during key and post key. I did this because I wanted my peers to understand the chronological development of the main character Oscar.  One thing that really helped my delivery was practicing on photobooth so I could hear myself speaking and reflect on what I needed to improve on. Overall, I think this project was incredibly helpful for understanding the book and also growing in my public speaking skills