Abstract Photography

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Composition is one element that I think I used very well in these photos. It really helps give these photos a good balance. I think that in abstract photography the story is almost trying to figure out what the picture is of. I think that the use of composition and space give abstract photos character.

Portrait Photography

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I used rule of thirds by placing Isaiah in the exact center of the photo. I also used depth with the background showing that it is a large space. I think a story that this photo might be someone traveling the world shown by the strap across their shoulder.The most important elements are composition, background, and expression. I believe that all these things show what makes a photo good because they give a photo character.



Act 1 Scene 1: Three witches plan about meeting macbeth at sunset on a dirt heap when he is coming back from war.

Act 1 Scene 2: King Duncan hears news of the battle and how bravely Macbeth has fought. He heard that the Thane of Cawdor has been killed so he gives the title to Macbeth

Act 1 Scene 3: Macbeth and Banquo meet the three witches who tell me macbeth that he will be not only the thane of Glamis but also the thane of cawdor and one day king. they are then met by two men who tell them that macbeth is now thane of cawdor which makes him believe that he will be king soon.

Act 1 Scene 4: Macbeth and Banquo make it back to King Duncan and Duncan tells his son malcolm that he will be prince of cumberland and therefore the next king. This scares macbeth and makes him want the throne even more.

Act 1 Scene 5: Lady Macbeth reads of the prophecies of the witches and learns that King Duncan is coming to the house that night so she calls upon the evil spirits in order to be able to kill duncan. Macbeth returns home and his wife tells him what must be done but he isn’t  so sure that he should.

Act 1 Scene 6: King Duncan, Banquo, and Malcom arrive at Macbeth’s castle and say how beautiful it is even though dark things are going on inside. Lady Macbeth welcomes them in but duncan keeps giving macbeth compliments.

Act 1 Scene 7: In this scene macbeth is doubting whether or not he should kill king duncan. He is having doubts because of the consequences that lay before him. lady macbeth enters and convinces him that it must be done.

Act 2 Scene 1: banquo and Fleance are walking through the castle at night speaking about how they cannot sleepp because evil dreams. Macbeth shows up and tells them to get some rest, they leave and he begins discussing the night’s deed to himself and seemingly going insane. At the end he leaves to go to duncan’s room

Act 2 scene 2: The murder takes place and Macbeth returns with the daggers. Lady macbeth chastises him for not leaving the daggers with the guards in order to incriminate them. She then leaves and puts the daggers with the guards. Macbeth is so overtaken by the deed he has done he begins acting like a mad man. They hear knocking and leave

Act 2 Scene 3: Macduff and lennox arrive at the castle and ask for king duncan. Macbeth shows macduff the way and he goes. He comes back screaming murder, murder. Macbeth runs back with him and kills the guards so they will not tell. Malcolm and donalbain fear for their lives so they flee to england and ireland.

Act 2 Scene 4: Because Malcolm and Donalbain ran away they were suspected for the murder so macbeth has been crowned king.

Act 3 scene 1: Macbeth decides to kill Banquo and Fleance in order to secure his reign as king of scotland.

Act 3 scene 2: Lady macbeth is beginning to feel that they have gained nothing from killing duncan. Macbeth tells her of his plans to kill banquo but will not give her the details in order to keep her innocent.

Act 3 scene 3: A third murderer joins the first two and they kill banquo however fleance runs away and the third murderer kills the other two.

Act 3 scene 4: Macbeth finds out that fleance has escaped, he hallucinates at his party and “sees’ the ghost of banquo. After this happens the guests leave and he says he needs to talk to the witches to see what will happen next.

Act 3 scene 5: Macbeth goes to the three witches and asks if he is safe on the throne. They say that he should beware of macduff but also no man born of a woman shall harm him and that nothing shall happen to him until Birnham woods reach his castle. Macbeth is reassured by these things.

Act 3 scene 6: Two lords discuss their thoughts about duncan’s killer and how it might be Macbeth they also discuss how england is sending an army to take back scotland

Act 4 scene 1: Macduff has fled to england Macbeth is going to kill his whole family

Act 4 scene 2: Lady macduff thinks that her husband is a foolish coward for running away, she is warned that she will be killed doesn’t run away and she and her entire family is killed

Act 4 scene 3: Macduff arrives to malcolm, malcolm tests his honor. macduff learns of the death of his wife and children

Act 5 scene 1: The doctor comes to see about lady Macbeth’s sleepwalking when he sees her in the night she confesses all murders but the doctor cannot do anything and decides to keep his mouth shut

Act 5 scene 2: scottish rebels are waiting on the english army and they found out Macbeth is holding up in his castle

Act 5 scene 3: Macbeth is feeling very confident and is being very rude to his generals the doctor comes and tells him how Lady Macbeth must cure herself and he keeps reminding himself of the 3 preminitions.

Act 5 scene 4: The english army decides to use pieces of birnan wood in order to camoflague themselves so therefore birnan wood comes to macbeth

Act 5 Scene 5: Lady macbeth kills herself and a messenger comes to tell her that the woods are moving towards them. Macbeth believes them and says if he dies he  will die valiantly

Act 5 scene 6: malcolm and macduff throw down their leafy screens and attack the castle..

Act 5 scene 7: Macbeth still believes he will stay alive because of the born of a woman soldier appears and he easily kills the soldier

Act 5 scene 8: Macbeth and Macduff fight and Macbeth is very cocky about how is invincible but macduff said that he was not born of a woman but he was born of a C-section. Macbeth is then killed and they were about to call malcolm king of scotland when fleance enters.

In Progress

IMG_1425                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I am finished painting and i am about to put pictures on my painting to finish it off. I have worked hard to match values and work hard to get it right.


Prejudice, Stereotypes, Racism, and Identity Reflection

1. How does race shape the way we see ourselves and others?

Race shapes the way we see others because it is a difference we find in them and one that we may have heard from people above us and try to follow. Race could make you see yourself as more dominant than others or to see yourself as less. Our race is part of our identity and should not be taken advantage of. The way we see others is also in our identity which is shaped by the people we know and those who are in authority over us.

2. To what extent do our ideas about race influence the choices we make?

If we have a negative ideas about race than we are more likely to be prejudice against those of another race but if we have positive ideas about race than we will treat everyone equally not putting anyone down. They could make us angry or sad depending on the way the racism is directed. It could cause us to stereotype others and put them into groups where they may not belong. Racism could lead us to do some terrible things if we have the wrong ideas about it.

What I have learned from the first lesson until now is that Identity, Stereotypes, Racism, and Prejudice all connect to each other and shape thoughts about the people all around us.

Tuff Time

Are the Socs and Greasers really that different?

I do not think that the Socs and the Greasers are very different because they both have hard times and struggles  even though they may have different values. They still do the same things with only minor differences. The only thing that truly separates the Socs and the Greasers is what they value the most, as Ponyboy said towards the end of chapter 3.

Are there any connections you can make to any of the characters and/or their situation?

I feel like I can connect with Ponyboy because there have been times when I have had disagreements with my siblings and felt like I never wanted to talk to them again or run away like Ponyboy, but in the end I love my family and they mean the world just as he realized in “The Outsiders”.Why

Why do you think Johnny killed bobby?

I think that Johnny killed Bobby because he was and angry and he was scared that Bobby was gonna kill Pony so he stabbed him. I dont think that it was on purpose I think it was just an impulsive action to save Ponyboy.

What could have been some alternatives?

He could have pulled Bobby away from pony and fought him without killing him. He could have yelled and maybe they would have gotten scared and left. There are consequences to both these things but not as bad as the consequence for killing someone.

What do you think Ponyboy and Johnny’s situation prompted Ponyboy’s recitation of “Nothing Gold Can Stay”?

I think them realizing that they had it all and then all of the sudden they lost it all. He was saying that great things can never stay for too long.

Who is innocent? Who had experience?

I think that ponyboy is innocent and and that Johnny worked in self defense to save ponyboy.

What is the difference between cherry the soc and cherry the dreamer?

The difference is that  cherry the soc is more serious and wanting to be part of her gang but cherry the dreamer is someone who wants peace between the gangs and doesn’t want to love someone so mean.

Are ponyboy and johnny heroes?

I think that they are heroes because they saved three boys from a fire without worrying about their own safety or the possibility that they will be caught. In spite of their own safety.

How do we know that Darry cares for Ponyboy

we can tell that Darry cares for Ponyboy because we can see that he was really worried about him when he ran away and that he really did care if he had gotten hurt or arrested.  Darry genuinely cares for Ponyboy he just shows it in a different way than sodapop.

What do you understand about Cherry’s line “I could fall in love with Dallas Winston and if I see him again I will.”

I think that she means that she really likes those kind of boys but she believes that she should not fall in love with them its not the kind of person she could spend the rest of her life with.

In realizing that cherry has green eyes what does this signify for Ponyboy and his understanding of people and the world?

I think it shows ponyboy that people are all the same it doesnt matter who you are or where you are from. People are people

Government Unit

I felt like I did well this unit although there are a few things that I would have done differently. Firstly in the PSA section I think I would have done better had I been able to get my thoughts across more clearly and not have had contradicting ideas. In the government section of the unit I felt that I did very well, however I believe I could have done better if I had taken notes for all of the chapters. I really think that taking notes is a great strategy that helped me to do well in this unit. Strategies that didn’t work were reading the chapter without taking notes. Next time I will take notes on all that we go over so that I will succeed.



School House Rock videos on government