Wood Relief Unit Reflection

Photo on 9-3-15 at 10.44 am #2 Photo on 9-3-15 at 10.44 am

My first carving is significant to me because it reminds me of my last day in Canada before moving to Hong Kong. I did want to go up the ski hill one last time because I was tired, but when I was forced by my friend, I saw a beautiful sunset that I had never witnessed before. This memory is pretty memorable to me. I painted it blue and with white streaks to remind me of the snow on my last day. It was a cool, snowy, and windy day. I tried to add snowflakes to enhance the effect, but I really do not think I should have done that. The border looks unnatural, and it takes the attention away from the text. Overall, I could have done a lot better.

My second carving talks about how some people would try anything to make themselves look “pretty”. I really do not support that. I think people should just be themselves and not worry about becoming prettier. I painted it black to give it a mysterious look, because it is still a mystery to me why people do this. The text is in the box, because I thought that if I put it outside, it would not look natural and original. I also added texture onto the bow to give it a stripe effect. To this date, I am still not sure why I added the white in the middle. To improve, I would take my time with carving and try to be more careful.


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