Identity, Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Racism Reflection

How does race shape the way we see ourselves and others?

Race is a very important aspect of our identity. It may define our culture, background, and the way we think. Race may sometimes make us feel different from other racial groups. It may shape the way we see others. Maybe we see them as inferior, but I think mostly we see them as different or the “other”. Certain people may think that their racial group is the best, and all other racial groups are inferior, therefore we should discriminated against then because they are different, thus creating racism. Sometimes, we may think because we do not practise the culture our race practises, we are not that certain race, or if we are in two racial groups, we wonder which racial group we belong in more.


To what extent do our ideas about race influence the choices we make?

Race can also be connected to culture and what practises our race may practise. Just like peer pressure, we can be pressurised about our race. Whatever our race chooses to do, we may decide to follow. You may choose to not to something because prejudice and stereotypes are always being used against your race. I feel like the world can decided how we can change the way we view the world and all the racial groups. It is a matter of willing to accept that everyone’s different.

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