Critique of Do-Ho Suh


Describe it

-I see a blue house that looks a bit transparent, like its made of plastic or glass

-It looks like there is something in the house, like a chandelier


Relate it

-This work reminds me of one of those small, miniature wood puzzles. The puzzle at the end would lead to a wooden house. This house reminds me of that because the shape is very similar. You would build it hoping for the end result of the same house


Analyse it

-The form/function/construction is a house

-The most interesting part about this work is that there is an object inside another object

-What was the purpose of this artwork? What did you have in mind prior to making the artwork?

Interpret it

-I’m not that great nor creative with titles, but I think I would give it “dfsd sd”

-Considering his quote “no man is an island”, we could say the same that “no house is an island”


Evaluate it

-I think this work is very successful if I had the same goal in mind as his

-I really like the goal he had in mind

-It is not very relevant to my life today

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