Sarah Sze

Sarah Sze uses everyday materials, like the things we eat and use on a daily basis, to construct a random piece of art. She goes into her project with no plan but to improvise everything.



Triple Point, U.S. Pavilion 55th International Art Exhibit

Unlike Sarah Sze, in sculpture class, we do some research before going into a project. For example, for our cardboard tower project, our teams look through some towers around the world in order to take some inspiration and put it into our own project. However, I would say all art is improvised. We take the inspiration that we find and we improvise with it to create our own art.

I think Sze’s work is really inspiring. Being able to think of these ideas by just looking through everyday items is pretty inspiring and it is something I hope to have the inspiration for. I would call this art. Sze described her art as the spectator venturing into her very own art studio and seeing a live performance, as if watching a sports game. She has the same process as a painter with a plan.


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2) Our inspiration came from the Big Ben itself. My group and I wanted to make a clock tower (form) with the function as showing the time.

3) As a real tower, I think this would be an effective tower. Our tower is only a prototype so the clock hands do not work. If this were a real tower, we would use gears and motors to make the clock hands turn according to the appropriate time. The citizens would use our tower for the time. I would put our tower in the middle of a bustling capital city, such as London, New York, etc.

4) I think our group worked well together. We tried to incorporate everyone’s ideas into one tower. However, we ran into conflict when paining. With 3 people crowded around one tower, sometimes the atmosphere got chaotic. I think we should have coordinated ourselves around one area of the tower, and notify the others when we were done so we could coordinate ourselves to other jobs.