Candy Chang

Candy Chang used basic materials for her piece of art. She used, an abandoned house, chalk, a giant chalkboard, and most importantly, people.

Candy use people to complete her art. She makes the base, while the neighbourhood population completes it. She uses different languages according to the country she places her art in. She makes sure that all kinds of people around the world can understand and finish her art.

When Candy started her project, she was upset over a loss of a friend. I think Candy started this project because she feels that her friend did not get do something she always wanted to before she died or that her friend could have accomplished so much more, but she died. She is curious to see what others feel, and what they want to do before they die.

I think her work was very successful. I think she inspired others to do what they want to do before they die. The sad truth is that anyone can die at any given moment, with or without completing what they always wanted do.


Wood Relief Unit Reflection

Photo on 9-3-15 at 10.44 am #2 Photo on 9-3-15 at 10.44 am

My first carving is significant to me because it reminds me of my last day in Canada before moving to Hong Kong. I did want to go up the ski hill one last time because I was tired, but when I was forced by my friend, I saw a beautiful sunset that I had never witnessed before. This memory is pretty memorable to me. I painted it blue and with white streaks to remind me of the snow on my last day. It was a cool, snowy, and windy day. I tried to add snowflakes to enhance the effect, but I really do not think I should have done that. The border looks unnatural, and it takes the attention away from the text. Overall, I could have done a lot better.

My second carving talks about how some people would try anything to make themselves look “pretty”. I really do not support that. I think people should just be themselves and not worry about becoming prettier. I painted it black to give it a mysterious look, because it is still a mystery to me why people do this. The text is in the box, because I thought that if I put it outside, it would not look natural and original. I also added texture onto the bow to give it a stripe effect. To this date, I am still not sure why I added the white in the middle. To improve, I would take my time with carving and try to be more careful.


Relief Sculpture

Relief Sculpture gives the viewer an impression that the sculpture has been raised above the material, looking 3D.  Relief Sculpture can either be high or low, which determines how much the forms and figures stand out from the background.

High Relief Sculpture is a sculpture with forms and figures that stand out from the background to half or more than half of their natural depth.

Lower Relief Sculpture is a sculpture with forms and figures that stand out slightly from the background.