LA Reading and Writing Goals

Quarter 3:


S: To add at around 5 words from each book I read to my word wall and use them in my writing assignments

M: Word wall

A: If the books I read are challenging enough and/or are my level, then this goal is achievable

R: I want to expand my vocabulary so I am able to use a varied vocabulary in my writing

T: In 10 weeks, I should have about 50 words on my word wall


S: Read 10 books of different genres, trying more books from biographies, poetry, and non-fiction, and reading at least one book from every genre

M: Reading log

A: I think this goal is achievable. I have read 10 books in 10 weeks before, but almost all of them were classified in the same genres

R: I realized recently that I only like reading books from the fiction, fantasy, and adventure genre. I want to expand the variety of genres that I read.

T: End of Quarter 3 (10 weeks)


Q3 goals presentation rubric



Quarter 4:

Writing: I will write a short story each other week based on/continued from a movie, TV show, or book. I will know when I if I have completed it because I will keep a folder on my desktop. Since there are 9 weeks left in quarter 4, I should have 4-5 documents by the end of quarter 4. This goal is achievable if I put my mind to it, and I know I will because I love reading continuations or made up stories based on published media. 1 story a week is realistic, I just need to take a little time out of my reading, homework, and free time. 

Reading: I will read at least 15 books by the end of quarter 4, all from a wide array of genres.  The evidence will be on my reading log. This goal is achievable because I love reading in general, especially from fantasy and fiction books. I have limited myself less this quarter so I may read more and read with a little more freedom. 15 books in 9 weeks should realistic if I put my mind to it. I will finish this goal by the end of quarter 4.

Quarter 4 slips:


Quarter 4 work habits

work habits

LA Q4 Goals Rubric