iPad Pro Journal #9

It’s finally over. APs are finally done. This past week, I’ve been using my iPad basically in the same way, doing PDF after PDF of past APs. Though I used it for mostly the same thing, I found a new use for notability and Office Lens, commenting on people’s work. When my friends gave me work to look over, I didn’t need to scribble in my notes in a tiny little space on their paper. Rather, I could scan it using Office Lens and then import it onto notability, where I could write on it using different colors and not have to worry about space constraints. As a result, I also wouldn’t need to worry about handing people their work back, as I could just shoot them a PDF of their work with my comments on it, which makes things a lot easier for me. Overall, this iPad has been a blast to use, and I’m definitely going to miss it when I eventually have to return it 🙁

iPad Pro Journal #8

The AP Grind is real. This week, I’ve been loading PDF after PDF of AP Mocks to practice. While it works for subjects such as Micro and Macroeconomics (and Stats to a degree), I’ve found some more limitations to the iPad. For instance, when having to do Lang MCs (long reading comprehension passages), I thought it was really quite the hassle having to swipe up and down to go back to the passage whenever I was doing the question, and as such, I committed the horrible atrocity of printing things out. Compared to the iPad, it was much easier to do the MCs for Lang, where there are long passages, as the iPad, in my opinion, shouldn’t be used for this kind of stuff. Another set of limitations I found was that on Notability, when writing long passages down, it was quite arduous to scroll every now and then to keep writing, and it would even jump from place to place at times. As such, I also had to start writing more FRQs and long essays down by hand, as it was simply impractical to write them down on the iPad, especially since my Apple Pencil was always on the verge of running out of battery.

iPad Pro Journal #7

It’s here. APs are finally here. Not that I’m looking forward to it, but it’s given me time to play around with the things I could do on my iPad. This week, I came across the scanner app Office Lens. This was really helpful to me since I was able to scan sheets of paper (often AP questions handed out in class), then load them directly to Notability or send them directly to my friends. It was really helpful as I wouldn’t need to worry about running out of paper and finding more paper. Normally, I would still do physical worksheets by hand, especially since I thought it would be too much of a hassle to take a picture of the document and then load it onto Notability manually. However, the Office Lens app made the whole scanning process more automatic and convenient, which maybe will make me use the iPad to scan more things.

iPad Pro Journal #6

These two weeks have been pretty hectic, from one AP mock to another, the 2 band concerts in a week, and the 5 other summatives I’ve had. I swear those aren’t excuses to why I haven’t written another blog post the week before. It’s just that these two weeks, I haven’t really had the opportunity to experiment with new things that I could do with my iPad. As a result, I’ve just mostly been on Notability, working my way through downloaded PDFs of AP FRQs and scribbling down math and physics problems. However, one thing I really appreciate would be how easy it is to share work with others. For instance, if someone wanted to see how to do a math problem, I could just do it on Notability, screenshot it, and send it to them on messenger. While this wasn’t much of a breakthrough, I just really appreciate how easy it is compared to having to dig my phone out to take a picture (that probably isn’t that clear) of some work I scribbled on some random sheet of paper.

iPad Pro Journal #5

This week was fun. I had a summative practically every day of the week. But at the same time, these summatives gave me more opportunities to study with the iPad, which is always a plus :D. This week, I mostly used it to study for my AP Tests, which included Econ and Stats. The iPad was really helpful, as for both classes, I needed to draw diagrams and do calculations for the FRQs, and it would be a pain to have to switch from computer to iPad. So, I found it really convenient and helpful to directly Airdrop pdfs of past AP FRQs to my iPad, which I could directly do them on, and it was much more simple and environmental friendly to do them on my iPad, as I made a lot of mistakes, which I could just easily correct rather than having to cross them all out.

iPad Pro Journal #4

The past week was Easter Break, and while I went on vacation, I was still able to use my iPad a lot, especially since I had to study for the summatives I have this week :’). Over break, I really found the split screen function to be useful, as I could have my textbook open on iBooks, Google Chrome open with my Schoology quizzes, or Youtube open to an ACDC econ video while I have Notability open on the other side. This was really helpful as not only did I not have to bring my computer (which reduces a lot of hassles since I don’t need to bring my iPad out during security checks and I don’t have to constantly switch between screens on my iPad). Moreoever, since I could only use at most 2 apps at a time, I really felt like there was a lesser chance that I could get distracted. However, a thing that I didn’t really like about studying on the iPad was once again, the lack of a proper calculator. Since I didn’t bring my calculator, I had to use desmos, which was the closest thing on my iPad I have to a calculator. However, using split screen mode with desmos was a pain, and I really regret not having the TI-Nsipre app installed on my iPad. But even without TI-Nspire, I really felt like studying on the iPad was more effective since I didn’t need to switch from app to app on my computer or from my Mac to my notebooks/papers.

iPad Pro Journal #3

This week, a new way that I’ve been able to use the iPad in a new way which really amazed me was how easy it was to annotate and mark on existing documents. For Junior English, we just started reading Shakespeare’s As You Like it. When I first got it, I didn’t really like how clunky and how little space I had to annotate on it. As such, I decided to directly load it on my iPad and see how it would be. I was really surprised by how the proportions and spacing wasn’t messed up like they would be on another digital device, and the ability to zoom in on the margins really allowed me to take more notes and even draw pictures. However, one limitation of the iPad I encountered this week was the battery life of the Apple Pencil. While it does last a long time and charges really fast, it’s a pain to write and draw without it, which is perhaps Apple’s way of making sure people buy the Apple Pen (smart move!). But other than that little incident with the Apple Pen, I’m still continuously blown away by how much Notablilty and the Apple Pencil can do!

iPad Pro Journal #2

It’s now been around 2 weeks since I’ve had the iPad! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to use it last week nor write a blog post about it as it was interim, but now that I’ve been reunited with iPad, I’ve been able to use it in more ways than I thought before. Firstly, now that the week full of summatives are over, I’ve been using the iPad to take notes for the first time. Once again, Notability is really useful, as it’s much easier to draw diagrams, and being able to resize and move those around with the snipping tool is really helpful. For instance, when I’m in my AP Stats class, I realized that one of my flow charts was too big, and it couldn’t really fit on the entire iPad. So to deal with that, I used the scissor tool on Notability to shrink the entire flow chart so that I could add more to it within the confines of the iPad. So far, that’s been the one feature that I’ve been really amazed by, since it really allows me to rearrange my notes in a way that I couldn’t do beforehand.

iPad Pro Weekly Journal #1

It’s been a little bit more than a day since I’ve gotten the iPad Pro, and so far, it’s been really good. Firstly, these past two days I’ve mainly been studying for science and math tests, so being able to use Notability was a big plus for me. Being able to just screenshot diagrams and problems and then draw over them to solve problems made studying more efficient, as I didn’t have to spend time drawing out the diagrams and graphs and then solving the problem. A second benefit that I’ve seen to the using the iPad is that it’s actually quite a a bit faster than my computer. When switching between apps (such as the iBooks, where I keep my math textbook) and Notability, there is no lag at all, whereas if I wanted to complete the same task on my computer, there would undoubtedly be some lag. At first, I thought that the iPad would be inconvenient for things like typing out documents, but with the keyboard, there really isn’t much that the iPad can’t do in comparison to my Mac. However, there are some limitations to the iPad, as when I was studying for my math test, it was inconvenient to graph equations on my iPad as there wasn’t the relevant software that could accomplish the task. The Desmos App on the iPad isn’t really user-friendly and is quite tedious to use. However, if the TI-Nspire iPad app were available for us then I think that it would make studying and learning math much more easier as you could do your homework and computation all on one device, instead of having to have an iPad, calculator, and even possibly a computer.

Overall, however, using the iPad so far has been a blast, not only because of how efficient it makes things, but also because of how portable and lightweight it is, making it much more easier to carry around than a laptop or even a notebook.

Game Design Quarter 4 Reflection

1. What are you most proud of having done this semester?
I think that the thing that I am the proudest of this semester was actually the Donald Trump Board Game because it was sort of my brain child and seeing it come to fruition was really satisfying.

2. What has been your biggest challenge, and how did you deal with it?
Personally, the biggest challenge I had this semester was in Gamesalad, and mostly in the animations of the characters, their movements and especially the moving platforms I used in my final game. To deal with that, I had to watch hours of tutorials, and finally tweaked my game and characters to make it actually work.

3. What is your goal for next year?
Next year, though I am not taking any tech courses (thanks credits!), I plan to use the same energy and the same effort into my other classes. Next year, I also want to use the same resourcefulness and how efficient we are in class and try to apply that to my other classes.

4. Based on the grade descriptors, what grade have you earned?
Based off the grade descriptors, I think that I have earned an A, because I have demonstrated high levels of accomplishments not only in formatives, but also summatives, especially in the board game and the trump digital game.

5. Where would you put your performance for each of the categories on the learning habits rubric?
I think that my performance would give me an ME for all catergories of the learning, as other than classtime, I also spent time at home working on my games, and though I wasn’t really willing to share some of my ideas in class earlier, but I think I really opened up this semester.