Book Art – Sketchbook

My sketchbook:

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 8.30.58 AM

2) Describe what you made

I created a cover from my sculpture sketchbook. Shown on my sketchbook is my name, the word sculpture as well as my grade and class number. The book and created is in place to hold my thoughts, sketches and ideas for the sculpture class. This book was put together by firstly creating a cover made from hard paper, then poking holes with a harmer and nail into all the pages of the book. After these steps were completed, I then used a string and needle to sew the pages of the book together in order to finish the process of the creating the book. Lastly, I decorated the cover page.

3) What is the purpose of your sketchbook in class?

I believe that the purpose for my sketchbook in class to document my thinking, sketches and ideas during this semester of sculpture. Before I start to make a sculpture, I can make a quick, rough sketch to organize my ideas before actually transferring them to a physical sculpture. Although most sculpting does not involve at 2D drawing as the end product, I still believe that it is exceedingly important to initially have a 2D drawing as a draft for the sculpture.

4) What are the benefits of making your own sketchbook vs purchasing a mass produced sketchbook?

Some benefits of making your own sketchbook rather than purchasing a sketchbook is firstly really understand the process of making something rather than buying it. Also, learning how to sew is another plus. Experiencing the process of actually making a book is a lot more appreciated and memorable than just buying a book.

5) What would you do differently to make the sketchbook?

If I had the chance to re-do my sketchbook, I would try harder to make sure the pages were bounded together stronger as well as that the string was sown. In addition, I would want to re do the cover page and draw/make something more creative and pleasant to look at. However, I still think my sketchbook is decent and will be a very important component to the sculpture class.

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