Unit 2: Pottery (Coil Pot)

2) How have you chosen to represent the theme “The Sands of Time” in your coil pot? Explain with examples.

With the pot that I created, I chose to represent the theme “The Sands of Time” in many different ways. One way that I chose to represent this was the subtly, engraved, grandfather-clock in the middle of my pot. This represents time to me because a clock keeps track of time and so the clock in the middle of the pot represents all the time that is passing. However, I specifically chose to put the this clock in the bottom of my piece rather than on the sides of my piece because I wanted to signify that the passing of time is always there but people do not always see this. For example, when a child is young, all the parents can think about is how youthful and full of light they are; only thinking about they young ages, thinking that this child will be a baby forever. However, time does pass and many times people do not notice all the time that has passed; especially parents. Having the clock was a huge example of the theme. Another example of the theme that I chose to represent in my pot was the “mishaps” or “mistakes” that were in my pot. Although when I was crafting the pot, these changes looked large and detrimental, if you look at the pot at a whole, you can barely notice these little flaws about the pot. This represents things that happen throughout our life. We may mess up in life and it may see as if the entire world is falling and that this is the biggest thing that will ruin our life. However in reality, this little thing does not matter in the long run as is it only temporary. Lastly, I chose to place a starfish on top of the majority of the pot to represent that someone or something is always looking out for you in the world no matter what.

3) How is your coil pot different from your lantern? Give 3 explanations.

Firstly, for the lantern, we used the pinch-pot strategy to construct it but for the coil pot we built it up around a cup originally. This helps us create a more stable and creative shape when creating a pot or a lantern. Secondly, whilst I was building the coil pot, I used the scratch and slick strategy because I was using “strings” of clay to build the formation of the pot. Which leads me onto my third point: to build the pinch-pot, I did not use any cut up strings of clay, instead I just finished the clay ball and sculpted from there. With the coil pot however, I did use strings of pottery. Fourthly, for the coil pot, I created little pieces to add onto the pot but with the lantern I did not do this.

4) What improvements could you make to your work?

If I could make any improvements to my work, I would have probably used the sponge and tools more diligently when I was finishing up my piece. By doing this, my piece could look a lot more defined and have a lot more depth to it. Because of not using this technique, the surface on the outside of my pot is a little bland and less defined than it could have been. In addition, I would have also used the slick and scratch technique in such a way that I did not have my pot being so moist to a point where I could barely hold onto it. I know that this bad because this will eventually dry my pot out however I did not think about this during the original process. Overall, I think I did quite well with this project and I cannot wait to do another pottery involved project.

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